'Kamakura' Metal Grilles

Panels and Ceiling Squares New from AJK Design Studio

29/06/2017 - Annie Kantor, the contract textile designer-turned metalsmith who heads Oakland-bas. AJK Design Studio, is set to introduce two complementary patterns at ICFF. Offered as grilles, panels or ceiling squares, the new collection, titled 'Kamakura,' captures the fluidity of waterborne lotus leaves. 

'Kamakura' is available in a broad range of metals, finishes and powder-coat colors. With options for customizing dimensions, repeat scale a. palette, the gently floating aquatic leaves can add warmth and tranquility to any space, from home to spa, healthcare, hotel, office, restaurant or public area. Design professionals will have a first look at ICFF, booth 173; the product will also be accessible directly to consumers through the studio website in late May.

Named for the seaside Japanese city famed for its serene lotus ponds, 'Kamakura' is comprised of two harmonizing patterns. Both are abstract renderings of the lotus buoyantly adrift, emphasizing silhouette and roots; simultaneously delicate and sturdy. Hasu (Japanese for lotus) is the energetic crowded design; its companion is Mizu (the word for water) depicting the motifs more dispersed.

Customizable. 'Kamakura' may be specified in brushed or polished stainless steel; brushed or polished aluminum; brushed or polished brass; oil rubbed bronze, or powder coated steel (any of ten standard colors, a universe of custom colors, or primed for paint-to-match.) Dimensions and repeat scale are a. variable.

Backlighting. Both Hasu and Mizu may be backlit for a change of ambiance.
'Kamakura' Metal Grilles 1

'Kamakura' Metal Grilles 2

'Kamakura' Metal Grilles 3

'Kamakura' Metal Grilles 4

'Kamakura' Metal Grilles 5

'Kamakura' Metal Grilles 6

'Kamakura' Metal Grilles 7

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