Kasthall Leftovers Make for Colorful Rugs

Flourish: wool patterns inspired by open landscapes

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10/02/2020 - The 2020 collection from Kasthall called “Colors in Between” is an exploratory tribute to the encounters that occur when color, shadow and light come together. First out in the collection is Flourish, a hand-tufted wool rug made of residual yarn that brings to mind expansive geometric airfields and the color mosaics of open landscapes.

Flourish is designed by Ellinor Eliasson at the Kasthall Design Studio. Flourish is made of residual yarn, gathered from the production of other hand-tufted rugs. The philosophy behind Flourish lies in the desire to create something new without using unnecessary resources. 
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Colorful mosaic of the landscape. If you ever glanced down on earth from a landing aircraft you will go through a déja-vu. A mixture of flower fields and farming in a diagonal geometric jigsaw-puzzle where laws of nature create strict lines blurred by odd wild plants. 

The rug builds on a diagonal pattern and can be purchased to order in any size or shape. In contrast to earlier Kasthall products made from residual yarn, the color combinations of Flourish cannot be predetermined. The idea is that the rug should be as free and manifold as nature itself, offering a surprise every time the light falls on the three-dimensional cut and bouclé pile.
There’s something liberating and beautiful about letting such an uncontrolled process – as we have here with the colors – to fully run its course,” says Lena Jiseborn, design director at Kasthall.
The richness of color and distinctive style are what makes Flourish such a vibrant and eye- catching rug. That it is produced from residual wool from other rugs makes it even more worthy and symbolic for Kasthall and where we are today,” says Ellinor Eliasson, designer Kasthall.

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