Khmara Lamp by Sergey Makhno Product

Cloud that never rains

30/06/2020 - Every house is a small universe with its laws and truths. Can you imagine the universe without the sky? No. And can you imagine the sky without clouds? Definitely no. In the house, the ceiling is our only sky. And Sergey Makhno Product creates home clouds for your big and little fairy dreams.
Khmara Lamp by Sergey Makhno Product 2

Khmara lamp is a spherical cloud created to light up the interior-worlds with tenderness. It never rains. It smells like cotton candy and tastes like a summer morning. Khmara transforms the ceiling into the sky. Because if dreaming big — then under the beholder of the true heights.
The lamp gives you freedom in all the properties. Choose the material, size, or even color. In your home universe, everything impossible is possible. Don`t miss that chance.

Every Khmara lamp is made by hand in the ceramic workshop of Sergey Makhno Product. Every lamp is one of a kind created especially for every sky-ceiling. It's up to you how big or little your lamp will be.
Khmara Lamp by Sergey Makhno Product 3

Choose any color you want — white, black, multicolor, with paintings or without. Don`t be afraid to use imagination to its full extent. Create the universe your dreams deserve.

Sergey Makhno Product creates Khmara lamps either in ceramics or polyurethane foam — depends on how strong your house ceiling is.

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Khmara Lamp by Sergey Makhno Product 4

Khmara Lamp by Sergey Makhno Product 5

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