Kiik. Islands for Gathering

Seatings, tables, ottomans and consoles designed by Ichiro Iwasaki for Arper

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Kiik. Islands for Gathering
13/04/2018 - Islands for gathering. Constellations for activity. Japanese Ichiro Iwasaki designed the Kiik project for Arper, a new system created for the spaces between entry and departure, waiting and doing. This modular collection of seatings, tables, ottomans and consoles creates moments for working, gathering or relaxation in graphic forms with a myriad configurations.
Kiik has been created to address the needs of waiting rooms, university lounges, workspaces, meeting areas and mixed-use spaces. Its modular nature and material finish specification options make it a complementary addition to any context. Kiik’s fundamental structures can be created with seats, with and without backrests, and tables in triangular, circular, square or rectangular shapes and completed with ottomans and low or raised consoles. Upholstery options in a variety of textures and colours create a unique expression appropriate to the space. Combine diverse configurations together for a dynamic effect or create patterns with a repeated form. Kiik is ideally suited for any contract use to create bespoke spaces, to pause, to work, to meet.
Modular components and dimensions
Kiik is a modular system consisting of frames of various dimensions which can be combined with pads, available with or without a 63x63 cm backrest, and a seat height of 45 cm. The Kiik tables come in different shapes and dimensions (rectangular, square, triangular, quarter round), thus allowing linear and L-shaped modules (120^ and 90^). The collection is complemented by a console with a 252x40 cm top in three heights, 58, 72 and 105 cm, and by a 126x157.5 cm ottoman with a seat height of 36 cm.

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Kiik. Islands for Gathering

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