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Steininger presents Fold + M.Pod

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02/10/2020 - Design is orientation. Design is differentiation. STEININGER, Austrian manufacturer of unique kitchens and furniture, produces with the highest quality standards, that clearly stand out and set standards. Every design from the STEININGER Collection is made to measure. The same applies to the new kitchen model FOLD
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FOLD is a form-strong statement with cubistic surface made in tombac, a golden and shimmering brass finish. The alloy is made using a computer-based method in millimeter fraction precisely prepared and perfected by hand. Encased this way the iconic kitchen seems to float. The design is clear, purist, simple and yet highly functional. 

A novelty of the Smart Kitchen FOLD: it features the M.POD, a state-of-art integrated high-tech-surface. A variety of functions can be controlled with the intelligent 32-inch touchpad made of specially hardened and optically bonded safety glass. The perfect combination of aesthetics, function, design and high-tech.
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From the traditional fireplace to old kitchen designs made of clay. From a framework of bricks to a proper room. From the ordinary room to the oasis of well-being and the second living room: the kitchen has successfully established itself as a living space in the last few centuries. In the past, it was only used as a facility for mass catering, but today it is a communicative hub in everyone’s home. Only a few decades ago, the components included nothing more than the stove, the refrigerator and the sink. But modern technology has also found its way into the kitchen. The kitchen is the room where improper setup can make the work process particularly stressful. Here, aesthetics, function, high tech and security as well as communication and performance go hand in hand. Where every piece of furniture should fit, food is cooked, eaten and the family comes together.
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The steel kitchen FOLD is handcrafted, tailored to each client and equipped with the highest level of comfort. Because at STEININGER every kitchen is unique. The selected materials play a significant role. When it comes to durability and aesthetics, tombac remains unrivaled. The surface is easy to clean, absolutely hygienic and odourless. The high quality steel surface is immune from intense temperature differences. 
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Puristic elegance and a reflective metal finish characterizes the appearance of the new kitchen model FOLD at STEININGER. Trough precise computer based manufactoring technology, metal is shaped into differenz shapes creating a fascinating kitchen. A precise computer-based selected Manufacturing technology shapes the metal materials of different shades into a fascinating kitchen object. The design language of the kitchen block is reminds you of the art of paper folding. FOLD is a in dormant geometric body that withdraws it‘s power, but not it‘s presence. The bright, warm brass tone creates an exciting game with the light on it‘s sloping surfaces. 
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With FOLD, Steininger presents the kitchen in it‘s signature design: as a sculptural object. One would think the function follows the form, but the form knows how to conceal the function. Behind the puristic aesthetics lay smooth drawers, technical refinements and exciting details. 
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A real revolution is the M.POD, a state-of-art high-tech work surface which controls all functions centrally and intuitively. The 32-inch touchpad is integrated into the kitchen worktop surface. The specially hardened and visually bonded safety glass can withstand all the requirements of a kitchen countertop. Using the fastest touch sensors, the M.POD operates just as fast as a smartphone. The intelligent work surface is the interface to the smart kitchen environment, contemporary recipe book, additional control panel and establishes the kitchen as the center of living due to the numerous entertainment apps. This is how the M.POD turns the kitchen into an intelligent Smart Kitchen Hub.

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