LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

On show the latest seating collections for contract and living areas

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04/02/2020 - From 4th to 8th February LaCividina participates at Stockholm Furniture Fair with the most significant pieces of its collections. Design items, expression of the most authentic made in Italy and result of a constant stylistic and design research.
Filinea, the futuristic armchair by Antonino Sciortino; Suiseki, the comfortable and modular seating by Andrea Steidl; Waves, the curvy, coloured and nature-inspired series by Constance Guisset; Osaka, accurate new edition of Pierre Paulin’s original project; Pinch, the multi-award winning seating solution by Skrivo Design; Ala, the elegant collection by Sebastian Herkner.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 2

Filinea, design by Antonino Sciortino
Filinea is a futuristic armchair made of round, extremely slender steel bars that was inspired by a mediterranean plant. Natural and technical qualities have come together to form its airy outline.
The original idea for the Filinea armchair came from the distinctive appearance of euphorbia tirucalli trees, which are very widespread in the South of Italy. They are a particularly common sight in the Sicilian homeland of designer Antonino Sciortino, who has always had close ties to his roots. The thin, intricately arrayed branches of the plants have been recreated in a seemingly impossible design. Tangled geometrical shapes criss-cross to create the ethereal chair.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 3

Working with round steel bars that are just a few millimetres thick requires great technical prowess. The designer has previously used the approach in other projects, but never on this scale. LaCividina’s craft experts created the individual outlines then joined them together at different heights to make them look like a single piece with one thread that had been twisted over and over again. It feels like you are floating on air when you sit on the ultra-light seat, which weighs just 7 kg.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 4

Suiseki, design by Andrea Steidl
The Suiseki padded seating collection is the first step in a new partnership between Andrea Steidl and LaCividina. It draws heavily on nature and almost geological volumes as sources of inspiration.
Its essential modules of various sizes create dynamic combinations: taking the place of classic shapes are spontaneous, harmonious unaligned arrangements.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 5

The backrest is the real star of the structure. It has the appearance of a backdrop, pushing beyond the perimeter of the armrests and extending towards the “platform-like” seat in a display with reversed volumes. The backrest gets thicker and thicker towards the top.
The individual modules can be combined in all sorts of ways, in a playful blend of offset heights, widths and depths. The resulting sofas have sculpturesque forms and unadulterated shapes that can cater to uses of all kinds.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 6

Waves, design by Constance Guisset
Eye-catching, intelligent, modular and versatile. Taking inspiration from the paintings of the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe, Constance Guisset has created Waves, a seating range for LaCividina that calls to mind natural landscapes with an endless array of gentle lines conveying peace of mind: waves in the sea, rocks made smooth by the wind, and rolling hills.
The range consists of a large item, a sofa and three modules with one or two seats, all of which have different shapes and sizes. Versions of all of them are also available with small backrests shaped like a gentle wave, which reflects the distinctive lines of the collection.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 7

The soft, substantial and stylish volumes take centre stage in all settings and seem to float thanks to the MDF base, which is placed a step back from the perimeter of the structure, giving it a sense of lightness and emphasizing the vivacity of the forms.
The individual pieces can be joined together to make endless winding and abstract forms. Rounding off the selection is a wooden coffee table that features a plug socket and a USB port for charging electronic devices, thus perfectly catering to the needs of contemporary living and furnishing.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 8

Osaka, design by Pierre Paulin
LaCividina will pay tribute to the French designer Pierre Paulin with a faithful re-edition of his Osaka sofa, designed in 1967, prototyped by Mobilier National and chosen for the Universal Exposition in Osaka in year 1970 as the most representative item of the French Republic.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 9

Osaka is a sinuous sofa composed by 3 elements held together by a special steel frame and covered with fabric “stretch” that perfectly follows its curves. Osaka is an original and modern vision of community, can be assembled in total freedom thanks to the articulated modules that allow to change shape very easily.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 10

Pinch, design by Skrivo
Skrivo Design’s aim when designing the Pinch collection of armchairs and sofas for LaCividina was to create areas where people could experience a little privacy and tranquillity in public spaces. The name comes from the original shape of the tubular metal frame, which literally pinches the backrest and the side pieces. This makes them into padded walls that form a sort of comfort room.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 11

The form of Pinch was developed due to the desire to combine two very different materials: polyurethane foam, which has the capacity to change shape, and steel, the quintessential rigid material.
Pinch products can be made even more practical with the addition of tables to the structures to make the seats into comfortable places for working, studying or eating.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 12

Ala, design by Sebastian Herkner
Ala’s originality lies in its visible frames made of metal and coloured or natural solid ash, which support and hold together the backrests, seats and armrests lightly and elegantly. An overall sense of lightness is produced by giving the backrests, seats and armrests a basic form with limited thickness and thin edges. In addition, they are connected to each other using an ingenious technical approach that makes all fastening systems invisible.
LaCividina at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 13

The curved, comfortable shape of the large backrest cradles the body. There is huge potential for customization because all of the padded parts can be combined to taste, using different fabrics, materials and colours to create playful solutions full of character.

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