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XENIA at Lago Maggiore

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Lake View
13/09/2019 - A marvellous one-off item by the skilled craftsmen at German table specialists BELFAKTO has of late enjoyed the magnificent view out over Lago di Maggiore. A full three meters long, made of solid oak, and with a symmetrical ‘balanced’ table-top, XENIA cuts an emphatic figure as a standalone, and yet seems light and elegant, ensuring it is highly compatible with modern interior design concepts.
The unique frame structure is manufactured from solid wood using traditional cabinetmaking skills and is reminiscent of refined half-timbered structures. The centered frame guarantees maximum seating comfort right round, and the shape of the top fosters communication – which is why XENIA is probably also in such demand as a large conference table. And not just in Switzerland.
BELFAKTO tables are available in oak, walnut or cherry, but likewise in other woods, even extravagant ones, in customized versions, with all manner of top shapes and finishes.

Belfakto on ARCHIPRODUCTSBelfakto, XENIA, Lago Maggiore, Foto: Martin Rütschi

Belfakto, XENIA, Lago Maggiore, Foto: Martin Rütschi

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