Laknäs and Saltholm by Skargaarden: A Tribute to Scandinavian Summer

The new outdoor collections designed for quiet relaxation and lively celebrations!

15/02/2023 - A tribute to the Scandinavian summer: Laknäs and Saltholm are the new outdoor furniture Skargaarden designed for quiet relaxation and lively celebrations.

Skargaarden's Laknäs collection is designed by Daniel Lavonius Jarefeldt and was created for sun-drenched lunches and late meals in the enchanting and almost magical shadow play of the night light.
Skargaarden, Laknäs Dining Chair  2

Skargaarden, Laknäs Dining Chair

"Laknäs has a simple and straightforward design perfect for stylish pagan celebrations. But, at the same time, the combination of the clean design and the timeless expression of teak makes the furniture equally suitable on a roof terrace in Antibes or next to a lake in Sierra Nevada. Or why not indoors," says Jari Visuri, founder and CEO of Skargaarden.

The outdoor furnitures Skargaarden consists of a dining table, an extendable table, a dining chair and a bench. The furniture has an inviting and discreet expression and is suitable both as a solitaire and in a large and noisy crowded group that hosts a lively party.
Skargaarden, Saltholm Sofa 3

Skargaarden, Saltholm Sofa

Saltholm is a barely sixteen square kilometres large and highly sparsely populated island in the sea between Copenhagen and Malmö – the linear distance is only one mile to both Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and the Malmö skyscraper Turning Torso. Just a few residents live here all year round under spartan conditions.

"When we designed the Saltholmcollection, we wanted to highlight the contrast between being close yet far away. Close to a glass of cava and small talk on a June evening when the sun hardly sets, and at the same time, far away from everyday life and its demands. However, we have to admit that we didn't fully incorporate the island's spartan feel. The furniture is instead generously sized and comfortable," says Jari Visuri.
Laknäs table and chair, new outdoor furniture Skargaarden  4

Laknäs table and chair, new outdoor furniture Skargaarden

The Saltholm collection includes a sofa, a lounge chair, an ottoman and a lounge table. The straight lines and timeless design make the furniture suitable for any outdoor environment, on the terrace or out in the garden. But it doesn't look out of place in a cosy living room, either. The seating pieces have an elegant, restrained shape which is balanced by the swelling, soft cushions that invite you to crawl up for a moment of relaxation.

The outdoor furnitures Skargaarden are created to cope with a stressful outdoor climate and withstand everything that nature exposes them to - even in the harshest coastal environments. 

At the same time, the furniture has a Scandinavian stripped-down character that makes it elegant enough to be uncompromisingly placed in a living room.

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Saltholm Sofa 5

Saltholm Sofa

Skargaarden, Saltholm Sofa and Armchair 6

Skargaarden, Saltholm Sofa and Armchair

Laknäs and Saltholm by Skargaarden: A Tribute to Scandinavian Summer 7

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