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Nordic-inspired palettes for seats, tables, stools and dividing systems. The latest collections presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair

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09/02/2024 - With a Nordic-inspired color palette, Lapalma contract furnishings give life to 4 hybrid environments in the setup presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Soft light blue, pink and desaturated yellow tones combine with light wood and maple-colored leather in the Lounge, Co-working, Meeting and Café spaces. The set up thus highlights the flexibility of the furniture collection made up of seats, armchairs, tables, stools and dividing systems, functional solutions that create a harmonious and constant dialogue between the spaces and those who live in them.

The PLUS sofa, designed by Francesco Rota, therefore welcomes visitors to an elegant island composition attached to the curved SCREEN panel, also upholstered in fabric, and fitted with power sockets. The modular BRUNCH table, designed by Romano Marcato, unfolds in a curved configuration, accommodating a shared work area. The multi award-winning ADD system, designed by Francesco Rota, presented in a curved version with a seat height of 38 cm, blends in with the brand's coffee tables and chairs in a highly comfortable Café area. The latest solutions presented in Stockholm include the TRAIL table, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, which ideally fits into fluid spaces, whether in the office or the home. It features a die-cast aluminium base where three smooth, zoomorphic-inspired legs are secretly joined to form a single design. The round top - proposed by Lapalma in various finishes - extends to 3-metres in length to become an extremely lightweight and elegant meeting table, like the all-black one presented at the trade fair. At the Stockholm trade fair, another furniture item, designed by Mario Ferrarini, has versatility as its key feature: it is KAMI, Japanese for ‘sheet of paper’, a form of pure seduction that combines fantasy with functionality, smoothness, sturdiness and comfort. Plywood, the raw material used, gently follows the lines of the design and its three-dimensional shape. The central slot allows the seat and legs to be folded and counter-folded during moulding to become a comfortable grip. Easily stackable, KAMI follows us everywhere like a notebook where we can record moments of relaxation and creativity every day. Lastly, a stool with a Nordic spirit like its Finnish designer, Karri Monni, who, in designing it, drew inspiration from the endless vitality and beauty of trees. Its name, LUSTO, in fact refers to the circle in a tree trunk that marks the passing of the years. And natural growth can also be found in its design, which gradually brings together the base supports, accommodates the ‘ring’ of the footrest and opens up into the ‘crown’ of an extremely comfortable seat. Presented at the trade fair in a brand new ash version with a seat upholstered in maple-coloured leather, LUSTO adds pleasure to every social occasion spent together, at home, at a restaurant or an airport cafeteria. Lapalma on ARCHIPRODUCTS

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