Larissa Batista: Tradition Meets Modernity

Armchairs that evoke an eclectic mix of cultures and periods

29/05/2019 - Taking part in the Raiz Project at ICFF, Larissa Batista represented Brazilian design with three of her latest projects.
Fourteen of Brazil’s most recognized designers, united in the Brazilian cultural collective the Raiz Project, exhibit their work at the show. Influenced by Brazil’s melting pot of accents, climates, ideologies, and landscapes, the Raiz Project seeks to bring awareness and recognition to its renowned designers who share their native techniques and services with the world.
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Larissa Barista specializes in industrial furniture design. Her Donna, Sole and Mince armchairs translate her peculiar mix of tradition and modernity through materials, shapes and patterns.

Donna armchair
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The particularity of the Donna Armchair is the mix of different design periods in one piece. The Classic, represented by natural braided cotton straw, much used in traditional Italian chairs; and the Modern, as seen in the rounded feet and foam-lined seat. With this piece, Larissa Batista brought the classic into a contemporary context, offering the Donna Armchair as a piece to enrich various environments.

Sole armchair
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The contemporary-style Sole Armchair is a reinterpretation of the Scandinavian style. The wooden multilayer shell, coated with the best foam, is supported on a cylindrical wooden structure. The Armchair Sole stands out for its balance and functional volume, shapes that invites us to experience all its comfort and ergonomics, applied in its construction.

Mince armchair
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The Mince Armchair is produced in solid wood with natural finish. The backrest and the seat are cushioned; the arms are delicately shaped, resting on conical wooden feet, a classic of modernity and elegance in the 60s and 70s. An armchair with a lightweight design, ideal for any decoration.

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