The Ideal - and Luxurious - Apartment According to Laskasas

The iconic collections of the Portuguese brand presented in an unique exhibition itinerary during Maison&Objet 2023

11/01/2023 - Laskasas returns to Paris for the Maison&Objet winter edition and this time the focus will be on everlasting designs that merge with Laskasas identity and represent the Portuguese brand.

An exhibition space that brings Laskasas icons to light, following a path that wants to emulate a real luxurious apartment: the entrance hall, living room, dining room, and meeting room.

The entrance hall sets the tone for the rest of the house, and this is why one should never neglect it.

In Paris, to comply with this premise, Laskasas chose Jill console as the main piece for this space - a stunning Verde Issorie marble design, thought for luxury spaces, in a straightforward one-piece structure.
Laskasas luxury furnishings at Maison&Objet - Entrace 2

Laskasas luxury furnishings at Maison&Objet - Entrace

To have the most spectacular entrance, three more elements were added. The Tanny mirror is a beautiful piece made of metal whose structure sustains a circular mirror in the middle – a true beauty to modern abodes. The Bur pouf works as a wonderful complement to the setting with its elegant lines and deep buttoning technique, which gives a special touch of sophistication. Closing with light the Clarke table lamp bears a striking look of pristine exclusivity and provides the ultimately needed premium touch to the space.

The living room is the epitome of comfort and elegance, a place where feels good to be. Two Wellington sofas grab all the attention with their convex back and smooth rounded edges like the 2023 interior design trends require – a big yes to curves!
Laskasas luxury furnishings at Maison&Objet - Living Room 3

Laskasas luxury furnishings at Maison&Objet - Living Room

Also following this cocooning trend, two Ambrose armchairs provide majestic seating while offering a sense of sophistication. Among many other outstanding designs, they really need to bring the light to Rick TV cabinet. This one-of-a-kind piece is somewhere between functionality and beauty and works wonderfully in living rooms and bedrooms.

The dining table plays an important role in a family home and will continue to do so for many years. It's a place of union where people bond and empower one another while having everlasting and meaningful conversations.
Laskasas luxury furnishings at Maison&Objet - Dining Room 4

Laskasas luxury furnishings at Maison&Objet - Dining Room

At the core of it all is the dining table - a symbol of togetherness where family and life are celebrated. For this important task, Laskasas chose Ann dining table - a glamorous piece for dramatic spaces. Ann flaunts a cylindrical-shaped base that adds a refined twist to this timeless table, contrasting with the oval countertop made of Carrara marble.

However, with no chair, there's no dinner. To match such a superb dining table, an equally superb dining chair is required. You already met it as an armchair, now it's time to experience the ultimate comfort of the Ambrose as a dining chair.
Laskasas luxury furnishings at Maison&Objet - Meeting Room 5

Laskasas luxury furnishings at Maison&Objet - Meeting Room

Knowing the symbolism that dining tables exhale, as explained before, they want to transport those same feelings to business. Their choice for this challenge was the Cheryl dining table paired with one of the most wanted chairs of the brand, the Dale chair.

To do this, and keep it professional, make sure you choose the following right: materials, size, and fitting into the scene.

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