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Three projects by Vibia at Tel Aviv, Paris and London

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24/10/2017 - Today’s most innovative companies are creating workspaces that reflect their cutting-edge business approaches, environments that both facilitate collaboration and inspire employees with unique designs. Lighting is an integral component of the atmosphere, expertly deployed to suit each distinct space, while offering a striking complement to the contemporary decor. Three international offices furnished with the Vibia collections exemplify this trend.
Designed by Sharon Finn and Dekter Orly Studio, the Regus Business Center in Tel Aviv features an airy layout with meeting areas enclosed in glass. Offering both privacy and transparency, they seamlessly blend into the surrounding space that’s bound by a row of windows on both sides.
In one such meeting room, Arik Levy’s RHYTHM Horizontal  pendant is suspended from a timber-lined ceiling. The customisable, stick-like modules are arranged into a gracefully rippled form, evoking a bird taking flight. At once rational and disruptive, the sculptural silhouette offers an extraordinary focal point in the spare space, visible throughout the open floor.
At the offices of La Parisienne in Paris, the Studio Razabi Architects devised a playful, adaptive design to meet the versatile needs of the team. Internal spaces are carved out of curved and straight-line partitions of unexpected materials such as wood, carpet and glass. Perfectly paired with the daring design is Arik Levy’s WIREFLOW FREE FORM pendant.
Crafted of industrial black wire, the customisable fixture assumes myriad shapes in the space, scaling walls and ceilings in a reflection of the whimsical aesthetics. In a public area, the WIREFLOW’s minimalist silhouette mirrors a mural outlining the Parisian skyline.
Designed by Archiproba, the Gemcorp’s offices in London prominently showcase organic materials and rich textures, reinforcing the investment company’s niche in natural resources. To light the top-floor space the firm selected the MATCH pendant  by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal. The bespoke fixture features slender rods of aluminum tipped with LEDs, the unique, geometric forms providing a sculptural presence without dominating the decor.
Suspended over the reception desk, MATCH casts a warm glow that brightens the moody ambience. Featuring a white finish, its jagged silhouette recalls “a spider web enveloping the space, while at the same time remaining completely invisible,” explains the main designer Tamara Muradova. MATCH also appears in meeting and lounge areas, with its angular sticks creating a cluster of triangles directed downwards in an extraordinarily illuminated focal point.


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