Terratinta Ceramiche Reinterprets the Aesthetics of Limestone

The new Less tile collection captures the essence of the stone by reshaping its surface and working on the colours

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17/11/2023 - The new Terratinta Ceramiche tile collection reinvents the classic appeal of Limestone, a sedimentary rock formed through a metamorphic process of matter. Less captures the essence of the stone by reshaping its surface and working on the colours to create a welcoming collection, which with just a few simple elements becomes an element of continuity for any environment.

The possibility of offering a complete range of sizes in different thicknesses allows the brand to propose itself for every type of solution. From home to office, from restaurant to hotel, contract and private are on the same wavelength for a product with a thousand faces and infinite possibilities. Whether bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden and living area or meeting room, open space and hall, each room acquires its character, transmitting a sensation of enveloping relaxation ideal for the coming winter.  The Light 6mm version allows to cover walls embracing the spaces with a thin 6 mm thickness, and last, but not least, there is also the Thick 20mm version for exteriors: in the Less collection there are two colours proposed also for the outdoors, Beige and Taupe, with a thickness of 20 mm guaranteeing a surface that continues from the inside to the outside, with the technical characteristics most suited to every situation. Less counts on 6 sizes ranging from 10x10 cm to the impressive 120x280 cm thin sheet. Between these two extremes, a wide choice of combinations that include 30x60 cm, 60x60 cm, 100x100 cm and 60x120 cm are available, adapting to the different colours to create a sinuous material surface. In all Terratinta Group collections, the bond with nature is quite strong, and this new interpretation of Limestone highlights a further step forward in the vision of a group that has respect for the environment in its DNA: Less, in fact, comes from a mix that includes over 50% recycled material.

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