Loop, the new sculptural washbasin proposed by Makro

Unprecedented proportions and exclusive silhouette

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16/01/2013 - Contemporary allure and an exclusive silhouette for the Loop wash basin, shaped according to a continuous curve which changes radius each time to give rise to a wash basin with a simple, stylish and vaguely sculptural feel. The perimeter edge affords a dynamic fluidity, which is easy on the eye, while the fully malleable essential appeal of the shape fills the setting with style.

With its pure shapes and harmonious proportions, Loop features a large convenient basin which blends in seamlessly with MAKRO Systems and it is available in both the sit-on and the free-standing versions.

Loop is available in solid surface Makril © or marble. The wash basin comes in two versions: XL (70 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 12 cm high) and L (45 cm wide, 40 cm deep, available in 3 different heights: 25 cm, 55 cm and 85 cm for the free-standing version).


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