LZF Lamps brings its New Collections in NY

Stitches, Banga, Escape Large, Kim, Swirl at ICFF 2017

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LZF Lamps brings its New Collections in NY
31/05/2017 - LZF Lamps presented its New Collections 2017 at ICFF New York, North America’s premier showcase for contemporary design, that runs in New York from 21st to 24th May 2017. LZF Lamps showed the New Collections 2017 Banga, The large Escape, Kim, Stitches and Swirl lamps.

Stitches: The embroidered light
Egbert-Jan Lam of Netherlands-based Burojet Design Studio has designed and ‘embroidered’ a new family of lamps for LZF.Known as Stitches, veneer lengths are crafted in a traditional sewing fashion: by marking out a pattern and cutting it.

Just as a dressmaker makes a dress or a tailor makes a suit, the Stitches pattern is repeated to produce an individual lamp—there are presently four lamps in the Stitches family.

Where hemming is normally used as a garment finishing technique (with the edge of a piece of cloth folded and sewn), the Stitches lamps each have a visible hemstitch.

Light then shines through this hemstitching, cleverly simula-ting the embellished stitches found on cloth.The method employed in creating Stitches allows LZF to design and produce a variety of lamp shapes, each with its own distinct pattern.
In effect, it is a relatively simple way of making a large collection of lighting. Still, the challenge lies in crafting different Stitches models from wood veneer. LZF Stitches by Burojet

LZF Stitches by Burojet

A fragile material, LZF is pushing the limits of wood veneer by skilfully manipulating it in a traditional sewing-like manner.With its four original Stitches models—known as Mopti, Tombuctú, Djenné and Bamako—LZF has created an aesthetic and innovative range of handmade wood lamps.

Each lamp is named after a town or city in Mali, as theirshapes allude to the adobe mosques found across theWest African nation. Moreover, Mali has a long history as a producer of embroidery, something embodied in Stitches.

Banga: The parasol light
Designed by Yonoh, the Banga pendant exemplifies the Valencia-based creative design studio’s quest to bring an understandability and functionality, a freshness and uniqueness, to its creations. Available in two sizes, Banga is crafted using a series of individual sheets of veneer, each one connected via a lustrous metallic strip. LZF Banga by Yonoh

LZF Banga by Yonoh

The Banga light’s combined veneer pieces and metal frame bear a resemblance to a plush brolly or indeed, to a well dressed parasol. Banga enjoys an expressive Eastern world-like quality, together with a nod to neoclassicism and its principles of simplicity and symmetry.

Escape Large: The assured light
Escape is an avant-garde pendant with a smart domino-like structure. Its self-supporting veneer panels give the impression of falling into a ring of light, their form defying gravity. LZF Escape SG by Ray Power

LZF Escape SG by Ray Power

Designed by Ray Power, Escape is a truly handsome, self-assured light. While enjoying a little bit of swagger and appearing fairly pleased with itself, the Escape pendant’s manner is bright and buoyant. Moreover, Escape is entirely affable, having an approachable quality that is perfect for any well turned out setting.

Kim: The lattice light
In Kim we find a natural wood veneer shell encircled by interlacing form-pressed laminate strips. LZF Kim by Marivi Calvo

LZF Kim by Marivi Calvo

Designed by Mariví Calvo, the Kim pendant is at once modest and unconstrained, its clean spherical shape leaving space for the user’s own self-expression.

Swirl: The soulful light
Swirl excites the eye with its eddying and whirling folds, their twisting twirl a sensuous feat. Designed by Ray Power, Swirl is an accomplished pendant, its form thoughtfully considered and sculptured. Power’s designs are typically based on geometry and his predilection for creating three-dimensional forms from flat materials (wood veneer). Swirl is no exception, its precise contours brought to life in stereo. LZF Swirl by Ray Power

LZF Swirl by Ray Power

With a soulful character and presence, the Swirl lamp will vibe well with any interior. When a light is striking from every angle, one might expect more than a hint of conceit. And yet Swirl is wholly modest, its beauty inspiring and uplighting. The Swirl pendant was accorded a Special Mention by the German Design Council.

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