Made. Prodotto. Realizât. In Friuli

Fuori Expo Milan: the event @ Italian Makers Village

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03/07/2015 - Yesterday the 'Made. Product. Realizât. In Friuli' was inaugurated, a pop up store dedicated to Friuli Venezia Giulia, was opened at the Italian Makers Village in Milan. Created by Fabrica’s young designers, the store and exhibition showcase the best of Friulian producers and craftsmanship, promoting, through a sensory approach, the spirit, efficiency and productivity of this bustling Italian region.The event is in collaboration with Make My Design network. The store will be open until July 7th at the Italian MakersVillage in the Confartigianato Fuori Expo.
The network’s member companies have provided advice regarding the layout of the site and, together with the Consortium of Producers of Piasentina Stone, have worked to design the wood and stone food platters designed as a gift to visitors and prominent public figures in attendance.

The Make My Design network is the first ever network for companies specialising in the production of components, semi-finished products and accessories for the wooden furniture sector, and provides professional consultancy services to designers and architects and around the world. The network is partnering with Fabrica for this store devoted to Friulian craftsmanship in the Italian Makers’ Village.

from the Chair District (Contorpress, Giada, Italcurvati, MM Tappezzeria, Mocchiutti, Quattroventi, Stacco, Woodcraft and Tiver) met with designers from the Benetton Group’s Communications Research Centreand provided their expertise regarding the use of the available space, offering ideas and advice in accordance with their slogan: “Made. Prodotto. Realizât. In Friuli”.

This winning partnership offers yet another opportunity to demonstrate the “know-how” which has made these companies famous around the world, and has led to the creation of an original platter in beechwood and Piasentina stone. The object has been designed not only as a gift to visitors and prominent public figures who may visit the Friuli Venezia Giulia pop-up store, but also as a product which brings together the worlds of wood and stone. This accessory, a symbol of the cooperation with the Consortium of Producers of Piasentina Stonefor the occasion, is perfect for serving the Colli Orientali del Friuli wines and Friulian gastronomic specialities at the apéritifs organised for the Fuori Expo event. It will also be possible to buy the product on the Winegrowers Group website www.colli-orientali-friuli.com or on site at Villa Nachini-Cabassi.

You can see the products of Friulian craftsmanship on display at the Confartigianato Imprese Fuori Expo in the redeveloped workshops at Via Tortona 32 until 7 July. This unique showcase offers over 50 local business, including companies in the Make My Design network, an opportunity to display their craft skills to an international audience.

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