markilux pergola: Awning system shows extreme variety

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markilux pergola: Awning system shows extreme variety
19/03/2016 - The markilux pergola with a drop of up to six metres is an awning that can provide shade for large areas. According to markilux, the combination of the award-winning design of the conservatory awning markilux 8800 and supporting, dainty posts give the awning a filigree appearance. At the same time however, the posts, apart from the mounting points at the facade, also provide high stability and wind-resistance. Up to now the awning had to be fixed in a concrete foundation. From now on markilux is offering the awning system for flexible use with additional stabilisation boxes encompassing the posts. The boxes have to be filled with at least 100 kg of gravel for the required stability.

Simplifies the assembly
'The pergola system therefore offers not only, as previously, the advantage that it can be mounted even at house facades with low load capacity thanks to the optimum distribution of tractive forces. From now on it can also be used where a concrete foundation is not possible on site. This permits great flexibility when choosing the area to be shaded. Especially together with the markilux syncra system it can do completely without face fixture', explains Michael Gerling, technical manager of the awning factory. This is of particular interest to gastronomy as it facilitates installation.

Square posts and base cover
Furthermore, in addition to the previously round posts, you can now also choose a variant with a square cross-section and clear, square shapes. Also new is an aluminium base cover for the posts, ensuring a harmonious seal towards the floor. 'Our pergola system is very popular with our clients. With these new products we would like to further increase and perfect our range of products', says Gerling.

Variable use
Markilux offers the awning, motor-operated as standard, in the variants pergola 110 and 210. Both variants can be adjusted for height compensation by about ten centimetres at the base end of the posts. With the pergola 210, depending on the awning size, one of the two posts can also be lowered by up to 40 centimetres. This allows rain water to drain even when the pitch of the awning cannot be set to at least 14 degrees on site. The markilux pergola as coupled unit can be extended to 15 metres in width, which, according to Michael Gerling, makes it very popular for large outdoor areas as flexible provider of shade. 


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