Markilux Stand-Alone Heater

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17/12/2020 - To generate cosy temperatures under an awning, markilux is able to offer an infrared heater which can be fitted to a wall or suspended from the solar protection unit itself. Now a mobile stand-alone unit complements this offer. It has been fitted with a timer function via which the appliance automatically switches itself off after one of three time delays has been selected. To be able to spend as much time as possible on patio or balcony between spring and autumn is what people want. So, depending on the time of year, it is primarily in the evening - when it starts to get cooler - that heaters are welcomed. Precisely for this purpose and in addition to a heater which can be fitted to a wall or an awning, solar protection specialist markilux now offers a stand-alone unit with a power output of 1400 Watt. Both heaters can be combined with one another which means the heating solution under an awning can be individually customised.

The soberly designed infrared stand-alone heater is manufactured from high-quality, powder-coated aluminium. It is just less than a metre high and 35centimeters wide and deep. The stand-alone unit has to stand on a flat surface. But, if it does fall over, it automatically switches itself off. A position sensor takes care of that. The soft start function brings the heater quickly up to temperature and, according to markilux, even saves energy in the process. 'The stand-alone unit runs on a similar technology to that of the heaters we have hitherto offered. On top of the soft start function, they offer a cosy, infrared warmth. And, apart from that a pleasant glare-free light temperature which is based on heating tube 'No Glare' technology', says Michael Gerling, the Technical and Production Director. As a free-standing appliance in a room, it should be kept at least 70centimeters away from the nearest heated surface and at least 30centimeters from the nearest object to the side or rear.

According to Mr Gerling the built-in timer function in the appliance is very practical. It allows the heater to be switched off automatically after 30, 60 or 90minutes. The timer function of the heater is programmed via the ON / OFF switch. Depending on the length of time the heater is to operate, between one and four acoustic beeps signal the set time span. So that it matches the awning, the stand-alone heater is available in the seven standard markilux frame colours. The appliance, which has the IP 24protection class, is supplied with 230 Volt mains current via a standard earthed house socket and plug and is operated via a manual switch. 


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