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Switch programmes with matt surfaces by Jung

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09/11/2020 - The matt colours graphite black and snow white extend the JUNG ranges A 550, A FLOW, LS 990, LS ZERO and LS CUBE with a special surface lacquer.
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The frames and covers with the matt effect impress with their lacquer, which gives a special quality. The high-quality visual appearance and the velvety touch underscore the special switching experience.
The switches, sockets and push-button sensors lacquered in snow white and graphite black in the classic JUNG LS 990 and the LS ZERO and LS CUBE ranges ideally integrate into various living styles. The luxurious lacquering in matt graphite black offers a balanced contrast in the interior. In addition, matt snow white underlines the puristic effect of the range.
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White and black or elegant in aluminium and matt anthracite: A 550 offers a wide range of combination possibilities. The matt snow white and matt graphite black surface lacquering underscore the clear design language and the design of A 550 reduced to the essentials.
A FLOW blends confidently into a wide variety of furnishing styles. With the new lacquering in matt snow white and matt graphite black, JUNG underscores the modern effect of the range.

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