Metalco Presents Its Latest Collections at SFF

New products, new materials, and new trends for street furniture

07/02/2020 - Metalco presents its street furniture at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2020. Metalco, well-known for manufacturing solutions and products for the high-impact urban spaces and smart city projects, brings the charm of Made in Italy to Stockholm, presenting a complete range of urban furnishing elements. From the stone benches to the air L. picnic tables, passing through a comprehensive range of planters, litter bins, and bollards, all characterized by stunning features and sleek design.
But the real showpiece is the 'Metalco Skin Program,' a project risen from years of investments in research and development and collaborations with experts in the field. By the awareness that urban life should be more comfortable, even in geographical areas where weather conditions are never favorable, Metalco has built up a cutting-edge technology that allows heating those street furniture products made in concrete. On the occasion of the fair, Metalco has chosen to present the heated I-box to the public. I-box is a unique and elegant collection of modular elements made entirely out in HPC (High-Performance Concrete). Each seat is fitted with reinforced bushings for lifting and simple positioning on the ground, ensuring reliability, efficiency and solidity.
The I-box benches, in linear versions, can be equipped with the groundbreaking Metalco Skin Program technology. Developed in partnership with Thermal Technology and covered by international patents, this innovative system lets people sit on a perfectly heated bench or walk on a floor that radiates warmth, even though everything around is cold.
The products included in the Metalco Skin Program have the lowest environmental impact, relying on the best heat conductor, that reduces wastage thanks to its high performances in thermal insulation. It will be a real revolution in the field, intended to inspire the imagination of many architects and urban planners.
Metalco Presents Its Latest Collections at SFF 2

Metalco Presents Its Latest Collections at SFF 3

Metalco Presents Its Latest Collections at SFF 4

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