Miniforms at Milano Design Week 2021

On show the iconic Soda coffee table, the Ozz Wall lamp, the Fuorshiki pouf and the Botera seat

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24/08/2021 - On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2021, Miniforms presents iconic and novelty products. Among these, the iconic Soda coffee table, the Ozz Wall lamp, the Fuorshiki pouf and the Botera seat.

Soda was born upside-down, with a puff of air. It weighs 20 kilos, and it is blown, drawn-out and shaped by three master glassmakers. The result is a single volume of glass with three large petals forming the stem. In Soda, the glass vibrates: its tough, hammered surface fragments its transparency to give a primitive aesthetic. This is artistic value granted to an industrial product.

Soda is a very iconic coffee table and it's totally made in blown glass by master glassblowers in Murano, a Venice island in Italy. It's a single volume of glass and weighs 20 kilos and it’s named after one of the three main ingredients of this material. The coffee table is available in two dimensions and two colors, Amber and Petrol Green. It has a strong and iconic appeal, but it’s also flexible because it perfectly fits both homes and any public space.

The style of Soda reflects our brand: it's iconic, simple, colorful, maybe “funky”. We have a lighthearted approach to the design and Soda reflects this attitude. Also, we love to mix traditional elements of the past, like working with Murano glass and insert them in a contemporary environment. An aphorism that we remind ourselves sometimes is “It’s ok to look at the past, just don’t stare.”

Soda is an industrial product with a strong artistic aesthetic, but it needs also high skilled craftsmen. They have to carefully adjust a complex system of burners in order to keep the same temperature throughout the mold, which is essential to ensure the texture. A key point and one of our core values is the motto "Making Craftsmanship Last". Our products are not only made in Italy but handmade in Italy by skilled artisans. Each of them inherited the know-how from his family's traditions and retained it still. Machines help them, but their hands do the most part.

Yiannis Ghikas, the designer, says: “Throughout Soda’s research and design process, we were astounded at the lack of glass-blown products of this size and kind. It was only later that we realized it is because of the technical difficulties inherent in the handling of such an object, as well as the degree of expertise required to do so. An expertise possessed by a handful of highly skilled artisans in the Italian island of Murano. Among our main objectives was to use one of the most characteristic attributes of glass to our advantage: its transparency. Thus, we designed an object with such a geometry that allows it to play with light and shadow, creating different shapes as one’s perspective changes. If you look at the Soda from a certain angle, you see darker parts because of the way the layers of glass overlap. On the other hand, We have no control over the glass texture. We had to accept that this would stem from the skill of the artisanal process.”
Miniforms at Milano Design Week 2021 2

Ozz Wall is like an episode of a series started some time ago and directed by Paolo Cappello & Simone Sabatti. It all started with a simple Ozz with a shape reminiscent of a tuning fork, ideal for the everyday closest moments. The set then evolved to the center of the home life, with an Ozz Floor defined by a large look-at-me arc; and now it’s here, more compact and located at the wall, perfect for jolly moments, all sat together around the table.

Ozz Wall is a member of an extended family, from which it loves to stand out and evolve to adapt itself to different situations, though sharing with them essential details: from the iconic lampshade to the rounded-shaped arc, always and exclusively wearing a black lacquer finish.

Ozz Wall, with its recognizable but minimal design, it is not confined to the dining area, but even to a refined living room or to an outlandish home-office. You have just to decide what tone of voice to give to the story, and then start to write it.
Miniforms at Milano Design Week 2021 3

Furoshiki is a pouf meeting-point of two cultures: it is characterized by a fabric cover that wraps the padding with care, combining oriental delicacy with Italian tailoring. The seams divide the pouf into clear segments, but they also allow playing with pattern and colors, thus well-expressing our mission, always on the limbo between lightness and craftsmanship.

At first sight, it seems a little treasure wrapped in a fine paper, but it is in the detail that it unleashes its charm: designed by E-ggs, Furoshiki shows clear cuts and refined stitching, indeed, which make everything much less casual and perhaps a little more sophisticated.

But it is in the fabrics that it takes on even more character, allowing it to stand out in a wide variety of settings: in the most eccentric colors and more daring combinations, to the elegant contract and professional spaces with their sober and soft shades. It will always find a way to be there for you and not only in the dress but also in the size you prefer: small, medium or large.
Miniforms at Milano Design Week 2021 4

Botera represents the concept of living-Paradise: “the cloud with the backrest”. What it expresses is: comfort. All its concept focused on this theme, indeed, to the point of defining an upholstery made up of four different types of foam, adapting it strategically to each crucial point.

Botera expresses itself starting from the seat: a chunky cushion forms the base. From here it develops the backrest, in different heights and more slender, but equally comfortable.

If placed on its own it has the ability to fill the environment without being boring, while appearing curvy but quiet, letting you free to sink into it in your living room. But Botera doesn’t stop here: through its composition it can reveal its modular arrangement, opening up to public and hybrid spaces, tired of the conventional distinction between domestic and contract. So, if you’ll meet Botera in such different settings, don’t be surprised: you have just to take a seat on it to recognize it.

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