Mixed Monolith Collection: Mannington Commercial is inspired by Brutalist Architecture

Striking patterns and simplifies the flooring design process

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Mixed Monolith Collection: Mannington Commercial is inspired by Brutalist Architecture
11/06/2019 - Mannington Commercial introduces the Mixed Monolith Collection at NeoCon 2019: three styles of LVT inspired by a material study of concrete and its diverse expression in Brutalist architecture. Mixed Monolith allows designers to build unique flooring patterns quickly and easily, offering a variety of designs that are at once strong and subtle, multifaceted and minimalist.
Designed to work beautifully together or individually, the three styles in the Mixed Monolith Collection explore the delicate textures, angles and shapes of Brutalist treatments of concrete:
- Poured is an intricately detailed concrete visual available in 6” x 48” tiles and large-format 18” x 48” tiles.
- Scored is a visual of angled fine lines evoking a scored concrete surface, available in 6” x 48” tiles.
- Edge juxtaposes scored and smooth concrete, recalling the angled shadows and textural subtlety of Brutalist architecture; it is available in 12” x 48” tiles.
The palette traces the shifting colors of a sunlit concrete surface over the course of a day: all styles are available in six warm and cool neutrals, while Scored and Edge are also offered in four complementary shades that include soft terracotta, moss,
grayed lilac and indigo.
Mannington Commercial, Mixed Monolith Collection

Mannington Commercial, Mixed Monolith Collection

Mixed Monolith LVT helps designers create striking designs in their spaces by drawing on the Brutalist technique of repeating simple forms. The collection’s styles, formats and colorways are designed to mix easily into simple pattern units that create impact when repeated across the floor.
Designers can also draw inspiration from a variety of layouts created by the Mannington Commercial Design Studio, which mix the collection’s styles and formats into versatile patterns that can be replicated in any space.
As a further design advantage, Mixed Monolith LVT is 5 mm thick, which eliminates the need for transition strips to carpet. Without the visual break of a transition, the collection makes it simple to achieve a seamless, cohesive look in spaces with multiple flooring types. The thickness of the product also provides enhanced acoustic properties and allows for easy installation options.
Offering an ortho-phthalate free construction, Mixed Monolith is FloorScore Certified to support indoor air quality and may contribute to LEED credits, including Low Emitting Materials.
Mixed Monolith is designed to perform in high-traffic spaces, with a 20 mil wear layer featuring Quantum Guard Elite®, Mannington Commercial’s industry-leading performance technology. LVT with Quantum Guard Elite® offers an aluminum oxide infused top coat and is proven to provide the highest scratch resistance in the industry. Quantum Guard Elite® gives LVT superior durability, dimensional stability and impact resistance and also provides easy and cost-effective maintenance, with no need for polishing. The Mixed Monolith Collection carries a limited 15-year commercial warranty and limited 15-year Quantum Guard Elite® wear warranty.
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