Morphe: Paper Mache and Light

The new creations designed by Crea-Re Studio

06/09/2017 - Morphe is the name of a new series of paper mache lamps designed by Crea-Re Studio. The term, derived from Greek, means "shape". Their “morphe” can have many connotations with the zoomorphic or amorphous forms like eggs, amoebas, oblong stones riddled by sea waves. The name perfectly matches the form of the lamps / objects. Their smooth and oval surface is accentuated by irregular recesses, unique wrinkles in each of the lamps. These elements give the lamps a certain uniqueness and exclusivity. Each lamp is different and unrepeatable. Morphe lamps are very lightweight and durable, except from the practical function, can be an essential element of any interior decor. Color and unusual shape will make the space original, unique and friendly. Lamps are available in several colors obtained from natural pigments. The material used in their production is paper which was obtained from the recycling of old newspapers and ecological, certified water based glue. All these components, as well as the process of lamp formation, are environmentally friendly and ecological. Lamps can be compostable.

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