Moulded Fleece for Moving Sitting


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22/09/2020 - Following a special idea and his instinct, the Swedish industrial designer, sculptor and freethinker Volker Hundertmark has designed the armchair NEST PURE LOUNGE for KFF
Moulded Fleece for Moving Sitting 2

NEST PURE LOUNGE is based on an ingeniously simple construction. The seat shell, made of folded shaped fleece, which is fixed at only 6 points to the respective base frame, is covered with a non-slip inlay of upholstery quilted in diamonds. The felt is deliberately visible and offers a thrilling contrast to the inlay. By shifting its own weight, the chair's extraordinary feeling of comfort unfolds. The moulded fleece moves with you and adapts to your body. Deliberately natural and constructed stability are used here. The NEST PURE is a light, timeless and amazingly comfortable armchair. Moving sitting. Pure design. 
Moulded Fleece for Moving Sitting 3

NEST PURE LOUNGE ottoman, the comfortable counterpart
The NEST PURE LOUNGE ottoman is in harmony with its armchair. Adopting the design, the Ottomane offers the additional relaxation comfort of being able to put your feet up. 
A suitably manufactured Rombo-fill® additional cushion can be used individually for the loin or neck area. 

Moulded Fleece for Moving Sitting 4

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