Musola: The Outdoor Feeling

Durable materials and soft color palettes

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Musola: The Outdoor Feeling
28/12/2018 - Specialized in outdoor furniture, Musola presents in Cologne a range of fresh and colorful proposals to enhance and give life to any outdoor space, including the collections Nansa, Canasta and Salvia. Nansa by Musola

Nansa by Musola

CANASTA chair and stool
The Canasta collection has been designed by Yonoh Studio and includes a 65 cm stool and a chair. It is a piece made entirely of stainless steel with two upholstery options to complement its reticular structure. Firstly, a removable cover seat with polyester fibre and waterpermeable polyurethane foam (Dry Feel) inside. Secondly, a fully removable cushion with Eva rubber and water-permeable polyurethane foam (Dry Feel) inside. Canasta and Salvia by Musola

Canasta and Salvia by Musola

NANSA collection
This is an excellent solution for giving life to outdoor spaces with original chairs, armchairs, sofas and coffee tables. The chair and the coffee tables have been designed with an all-aluminium structure by Santiago Sevillano. The Nansa chair, which has been awarded a German Design Award 2019, is stackable and its seat is removable. The Nansa coffee table is available in different sizes and shapes, including one that is organically shaped.

For its part, the 2 or 3-seater sofa and the armchair are made on a stainless steel structure, with removable upholstery. They can be equipped with cushions of 43x43cm. Nansa by Musola

Nansa by Musola

SALVIA extendable table
Salvia is a ceramic table top that is available in 24 sizes, both fixed and extendable. Its structure is made of stainless steel and aluminium.

Technologically advanced foams and Sunbrella fabrics specially designed for outdoor use are the elements that compose all the pieces in this collection, maintaining their qualities at 100% and allowing them to last over time. In addition, all the metallic elements that compose the structure of all the products are made of stainless steel.

Musola on ArchiproductsSalvia by Musola

Salvia by Musola

Nansa by Musola

Nansa by Musola

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