Mutina collections designed by Inga Sempè and Patricia Urquiola

On preview at Cersaie 2014

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Mutina collections designed by Inga Sempè and Patricia Urquiola
04/07/2014 - September will see the official presentation of the TIERRAS collection by Patricia Urquiola. Following its preview at the Furniture Show in Milan, this project is ready to go into the marketing stage planned for the end of September.
It comprises six saturated and natural colours inspired by the earth and eight formats, the largest and the smallest of which create unique and original compositions that are also combined with wide joints and contrasting colours. Industrial production processes supported by artisan skills propose self-standing elements such as “gelosie di cotto”, ceramic-brick grilles in natural colours inspired by traditional terracotta.
The new TRATTI collection created in conjunction with Inga Sempé will also be unveiled in September. This collection marks the first time that Inga Sempé, who joined a group of designers who work with Mutina, has worked with ceramic tiles. This first project involved the design and manufacture of a new concept of singlesize tile (10x10 cm) in 12 patterns that, in their lightest to their darkest hues, can all be matched together to obtain an infinite number of combinations.
"Rather than large tiles that create uniform surfaces of great impact, but which can sometimes be “cold”, I wanted to create a ceramic tile collection consisting of small tiles characterized by 12 patterns designed by hand. All these patterns are different, but connected by an air of “familiarity”, and each evokes a different universe, ranging from fields viewed from the sky, pieces of fabric, embroidery, the symbols used in map legends, architectural themes, through to the marks prisoners make on walls to count the days." Inga Sempé
The presentation will take place at our headquarters in Fiorano from the 22nd until the 26th September 2014, during the same period the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings is being held.


Tierras, Mutina

Tratti, Mutina

Tratti, Mutina

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