Nankeen technique interpreted by LuRu Home

The textiles collections at ICFF

19/05/2015 - Shanghai: here the LuRu Home story begins. Out and about in the French Concession, the Huangpu alleyways, the labyrinthine markets, LuRu spots swaths of faded indigo textiles. These Nankeen fabrics and their storied history struck a chord. Nankeen dyeing’s advanced age, its exquisite soy-paste technique, and its precarious situation amidst China’s industrialized textile industry compelled us to act.
LuRu Home was founded in 2010 to bring patronage to the vital few families still printing Nankeen fabrics by hand, and to share their art with home dwellers across the wider world.
LuRu Home Flower in Cumin Yardage
Earning the title 'King of Flowers,' the peony was highly regarded in imperial China. So much so, that during the Qing Dynasty it became the official flower of The Middle Kingdom. Their contemporary take on the Peony is screen-printed by hand on cotton-linen and available by the yard. Custom is available, too!
LuRu Home Pillows
LuRu Home wholesale collection features a mix & match assortment of throw pillows and shams, and they offer their indigos by the yard, as well. Both will be on display at ICFF!

LuRu Home Vintage
A sneak peak of some of the vintage Chinese textiles that have inspired their newest collection of digitally-printed yardage, debuting at ICFF. These motifs, color qualities and the history of each piece are central to their new prints.
LuRu Home Vintage Group
Decades old, their vintage Nankeen and Chinese weaving and print collection forms the root of their work. They draw inspiration and design themes from these vintage textiles, and share them with designers as throw pillows, and to the trade by the piece. They’ll bring a host of new finds to ICFF.
LuRu Home is the definitive authority on Nankeen indigo dyed textiles, both new and old. Beyond Nankeen dyeing, their work breathes new life into the marriage of East and West, redefines Chinoiserie, and makes Chinese textile art accessible and relevant to a contemporary way of living.
Nankeen technique interpreted by LuRu Home 2

Nankeen technique interpreted by LuRu Home 3

Nankeen technique interpreted by LuRu Home 4

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