Natural Forms, Fractal Geometry and Modularity

Alpi Wood by Ettore Sottsass defines the new Valextra store in Miami

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Natural Forms, Fractal Geometry and Modularity
03/01/2019 - The dynamic and light Alpi Sottsass wood defines the space of the new Valextra store designed by Aranda\Lasch studio. Natural forms, fractal geometry, a modularity inspired by crystals, combinations of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technologies, these are just some of the elements which American practice Aranda/Lasch concocted into a formula which contributed to redesigning the store.

The project is invaded by this suspended tension, by the dichotomy between inside and outside which permeates throughout the environment. Inside, the architects created a design which deconstructs and reconstructs the fundamental elements of a classic Milanese atrium: marbles, metals, decorated walls are presented in a combination of sophistication and intelligence.
In the middle of the space is a wall designed as a double theatrical wing, clad in Alpi Wood by Ettore Sottsass. A composition which is quintessentially Aranda/Lasch: geometric modules whose repetition creates an effect reminiscent of crystals and minerals.

ALPI on ARCHIPRODUCTSPhoto by Robin Hill

Photo by Robin Hill

Photo by Robin Hill

Photo by Robin Hill

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