Neri&Hu and Yabu Pushelberg for Stellar Works

The debut at IMM Cologne

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Neri&Hu and Yabu Pushelberg for Stellar Works
04/01/2018 - Stellar Works is exhibiting at IMM Cologne for the first time presenting its new furniture designede by Neri&Hu and Yabu Pushelberg.
The Bund furniture collection by Shanghai-based architects and designers and the creative directors of Stellar Works, Neri&Hu, is inspired by the Bund, a lasting symbol of Shanghai’s past, present and future and combines elements from both the city’s industrial origins and its splendid colonial history. The soft curves and rich fabric finishes observed in Bund pieces pay homage to the Art Deco style, which is permanently ingrained in the DNA of Shanghai.
Bund collection by Neri&Hu for Stellar Works

Bund collection by Neri&Hu for Stellar Works

For IMM 2018, Stellar Works will also showcase The Utility Sofa, which has been reimagined with a more refined silhouette, combining comfort with practicality and offering a sophisticated take on the enduringly popular industrial aesthetic. Incorporating a range of lounge chairs, bar stools and stools, the Utility collection is (as the name suggests) utilitarian in its references, while featuring a palette of old-world and luxurious materials. The Utility Sofa completes the set of elegant and versatile pieces that fit seamlessly and gracefully into any environment, from high-end hospitality to residential projects.
Utility Sofa by Neri&Hu for Stellar Works

Utility Sofa by Neri&Hu for Stellar Works

Finally, Stellar Works will also unveil additions to the Blink collection by Yabu Pushelberg with two new table designs; a stone and a wood-topped café table to complement the Blink series, which comprises dining and lounge chairs, stools, dining tables, consoles, vanity tables and mirrored screens. Compact in profile and scale, the light, playful and sculptural Blink collection lends itself to both residential and commercial applications.
Though Blink has a distinct personality and distilled modernist quality, pieces from this collection can coexist or live independently amongst other styles. The materials have been selected to create considered contrasts from texture to texture and surface to surface.
“Stellar Works exists to unify ideas: East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry – bringing the best of the past into the light of the present. We are delighted to take part in IMM Cologne for the first time this year and present a series of new designs that reflect our commitment to good design and craftsmanship.”
Alongside these new pieces Stellar Works will also present highlights from its existing collections including the Utility and Mandarin collections by Neri&Hu, the Blink collection by Yabu Pushelberg as well as the Slow Collection by Space Copenhagen, the Exchange collection by Crème/Jun A Aizaki and the Valet collection by David Rockwell.

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