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Sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and beds designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Marc Sadler, Jaj Jalan, Setsu and Shinobu Ito

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19/12/2022 - The Désirée living forniture collection adds new pieces designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Marc Sadler, Jaj Jalan, Setsu and Shinobu Ito.

Created with great attention to the quality of the materials, the collection is told in the new catalog set at Villa Barbaro, also called Villa di Maser, Palladio’s masterpiece. A photographic project that demonstrates, in this context, that design can also dialogue with the Renaissance history, art and architecture.

The RITO collection, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, is made up of an armchair, a sofa and a desk. The sofa and the armchair feature impressive formal lightness and unsurpassable comfort. Made from a lightweight, clean-cut, tubular metal structure, it houses soft, generously-sized cushions which come with completely-removable covers available in leather or fabric in a vast array of colours.
Sofa and armchair from Rito collection 2

Sofa and armchair from Rito collection

A minimalist structure and a generously-sized cushion, synonymous with sophisticated simplicity, distinguish the Rito armchair.
Sofa from Rito collection 3

Sofa from Rito collection

The Karin collection, designed by Sestsu and Shinobu Ito, is present in the lines of the sofa and of the armchair. The Karin armchair stands out for its proportions, designed to create a deep and ergonomic seat. The low back structure is made of a single piece of curved, natural ash that becomes anarmrest and lends grace and harmony to the chair.

The Karin armchair’s lines are clean but not geometric; the natural or coffee stained ashwood structure is softly rounded and the backrest is made of special, natural leather cords, making this project extremely elegant and refined.
Sofa and armchairs from Karin collection and Nemu coffee table 4

Sofa and armchairs from Karin collection and Nemu coffee table

Born from the hands of Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Nemu is characterized by a textured glass top with an irregular surface on the reverse side obtained by casting molten glass, creating a handmade effect typical of the artistic glass creations produced in the glass furnaces of Murano.

Designed by Marc Sadler, Haneda is an unstructured seating system inspired by tatami mats. It stands out for its total flexibility thanks to the endless combinations made possible by arranging seats supported by wooden bases or mattresses lying on soft rugs. The outdoor version enhances this feature, making the collection ideal to furnish covered terraces and verandas.
Sofa from Haneda collection 5

Sofa from Haneda collection

Elies, the new sofa by Jai Jalan, features soft, sinuous forms and curvy, wraparound lines that convey simplicity and elegance. White bouclé fabric upholstery gives the sofa a timeless appeal. In the two-element arrangement, Elies is upholstered in technological, pearl grey, stretch fabric that sets off the marked curves of its shape. Compact velvet softens its lines and enhances its forms and volumes. Thanks to its top performances, it is particularly resistant as well as being suitable for upholstering outdoor products.
Sofa from Elies collection 6

Sofa from Elies collection

Great attention has been paid to detail. The swivel side table is optional and made of a structure in satin burnished metal and a top in matt black Marquina marble

The Hab bed - which shares the same philosophy of the sofa, combining aesthetic qualities with comfort and relaxation -  is born from the consolidated collaboration with Marc Sadler. Indeed, the focus of this project is the mechanism by which the headboard can be reclined to various positions thanks to exclusive interior workings. The bed’s structure is in metal and wood, padded with polyurethane foam in various densities and upholstered in cotton fabric. Just like all Désirée beds, Hab is also available with a storage base upholstered in fully-removable leather or fabric and available in a vast range of colours.
Hab bed by Désirée divani 7

Hab bed by Désirée divani

Together with the new catalogue, Désirée is also launching “Genius loci. Design, architecture and art, a holy trinity that draws from its local context”, a bilingual, digital magazine – in Italian and English – accessible from your computer or from a mobile device and full to the brim withpictures and videos. The collection is accompanied by information and anecdotes dedicated to the great 16thcentury masters.

The magazine is available on Désirée's Home Page and will be promoted by means of a direct marketing plan and of social media ads.  

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Desk from Rito collection 8

Desk from Rito collection

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