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From precious sideboards to sculptural tables, from suspended beds to wardrobes that play with transparencies: the new set up designed for Fuorisalone

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Located in the heart of Milan, a few steps from the Duomo and the Sforzesco Castle, Casa Lago renews its interior spaces almost five years after its inauguration. Heart of the Milan Design Week Fuorisalone since 2017, the location in via San Tomaso 6 this year becomes the exclusive showcase for discovering all the new products from the 2021/2022 collection. From precious sideboards to sculptural tables, from suspended beds to wardrobes that play with transparencies, passing through sofas, shelves and bookcases: there are over 30 furnishings designed by Daniele Lago and his team to redesign all areas of the house.
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LAGO has chosen to present the new collection at Casa Lago to show the design community the furnishings set within a 400 square meter space with a high design content, placing them in an interior context that, although designed for business, has all the characteristics of a modern home. 
Designed and furnished by LAGO, Casa Lago is the synthesis of a path that over the years has seen the company tackle a new world with an experimental approach, with the aim of establishing relationships with everything that resides outside the company, overcoming the barrier of traditional furniture design and manufacturing. It is a multifunctional space owned by LAGO where the design creates a welcoming environment, characterized by a home-feeling atmosphere, with conference rooms, temporary offices and coworking, also to be rented as a location for corporate events and meetings.
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You are greeted at the entrance by the Sand sofa. From here you continue to the dining room, characterized by the fundamental elements of LAGO conviviality and the fulcrum of relationships and socialization, in which the new Air XGlass Table has been inserted, covered with the XGlass finish that incorporates the veins of marble. To complete the interior, there is also an Air bookcase, which divides the Air kitchen from the table, and the 36e8 Glass consoles, a new line of containers that rest on solid tempered glass supports.
The new Air Soft Sofa is the protagonist of the living room: its soft and sinuous shapes combine with the sophisticated modularity of the Air sofa, giving life to an elegant padded volume supported on imperceptible glass legs. The linearity of the new Lean coffee table, suspended on a glass leg and made unique by the particular curvature of the centenary Wildwood wood, combined with the contemporaneity of the Layers coffee table that creates suggestive reflections thanks to the XGlass finish, creates a material contrast that makes the harmonious and elegant interior. The new N.O.W. sideboard and the 36e8 Glass console complete this portion of the interior, giving brightness to the environment thanks to the transparency of the glass finishes. The 36e8 Glass sideboard collection and the Wadi table, characterized by an elliptical base in two sections and a customizable glass top, also enrich the environment.
The small apartment, built on two levels, houses the iconic Janeiro table and the new N.O.W. sideboards in gold XGlass that give brightness to the environment, making it even more precious. On the walls, on the other hand, the Cartesio shelves were positioned.
The library, designed to accommodate meetings, business appointments or private events, takes on the new Meet table, whose base is made up of sculptural and symmetrical elements that meet in a single minimum point of contact, creating an unexpected equilibrium and playing on the balance between the lightness of the top and the solidity of the base. The iconic Air bookcase divides the library from the bedroom whose only protagonist is the Air bed, suspended on almost invisible glass plates.
During the Milan Design Week, Casa Lago is open every day from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm.

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