New Special Support for the Blu Ponti Tiles

At the SuperSalone the iconic Gio Ponti project in Grès Maiolicato®, the indoor and outdoor wall tiles developed by Ceramica Francesco De Maio

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26/08/2021 - After a long period of research and study, for the first time the new product from Ceramica Francesco De Maio is applied to Blu Ponti Tiles and will be presented at the SuperSalone scheduled from 5 to 10 Semptember.
The inspiration of Gio Ponti, the artistic manual skills of the artisans and the innovative ceramic technique. It is from the skilful fusion of these three elements that the new project by Ceramica Francesco De Maio is born: Blu Ponti in Grès Maiolicato®.
There are always the colors of the sky and the sea of Sorrento in the thirty-three white and blue decorations that Gio Ponti created between 1960 and 1962 to pave, with different combinations, the hall and the hundred rooms of the Hotel Parco dei Principi, the first hotel design in the world.
The same decorations and colors that, in a wise way and always faithful to the originals, the Master decorators of Ceramica Francesco De Maio continue to create by hand, majolica after majolica, on this special and exclusive support.
Gio Ponti's endless blue combinations now enter a new innovative dimension. The realization of decorations on the new technical support of Grès Maiolicato®, used for both indoors and outdoors, and of Grès Maiolicato® Antiscivolo R10 especially suitable for swimming pools. Precisely this combination 'in a technical key' will be presented by Ceramica Francesco De Maio, for the first time, on the occasion of the 2021 edition of Salone del Mobile, Milan.
New Special Support for the Blu Ponti Tiles 2

The Grès Maiolicato® by Ceramica Francesco De Maio is a special technical stoneware obtained by means of an innovative sintering process of selected ceramic clays which, when pressed and fired in high-temperature ovens, allow the semi-greasing of the mixture ready to be glazed with the candid Blu Ponti glaze and then left to the skill of the master decorators. The addition of the particular types of ceramic compounds gives it the technical feature of Anti-slip with R10 value.
In these approximately two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ceramica Francesco De Maio has pursued ceramic research, managing to innovate its craftsmanship technologically without failing to use the still hand-made decoration piece by piece.
The infinite combinations of white and blue by Gio Ponti, the value of the Blu Ponti collection and the charm of the ancient workmanship of the decoration by hand on the strength of an exclusive stoneware support, also non-slip, to create a unique innovation.

Ceramica Francesco De Maio at SuperSalone
Hall 4 - Stand F02


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