The Iconic Driade Coral in a New Version

Bright colours and pastel shades dress the Tenochtitlan candleholder designed by Vittorio Locatelli in 2005

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12/05/2022 - Seven branches of red coral, magically emerged from the sea, form the intricate design of Tenochtitlan candleholder by Driade, presented this year in a Mini version and in a new color palette.

Its name evokes the ancient capital of the Aztec empire (Central Mexico nowadays), while the shape is inspired by the profile of a large coral, conveying an exotic naturalistic memory. 

Designed by Vittorio Locatelli in 2005, the Tenochtitlan candleholder  is made of powder-coated cast aluminum, now launched in a wide selection of colours from bright, pastel to neon: from the classic coral Red typical of Tenochtitlan to White, Pink, Neon Orange, Yellow, Neon Green, Water Green, Medium Blue and Dark Blue. "When I designed the Tenochtitlan candleholder for Driade, many years ago, I was working on the theme of the Wunderkammer, Chambers of Wonders that, from the 16th century, spread to European courts where coral objects were inevitable", says Vittorio Locatelli. "The name comes from the coincidental fact that at the same time I was reading a book about the Aztecs, and Tenochtitlan was the capital of their Empire, just as great Aztec cities were Xochixalco and Yaschilan, names used for another candleholder and a Driade carpet. At the time I was fascinated by coincidences, by the randomness with which different facts enter our lives and interact freely with each other".


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