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The new Deep collection inspired by the fluid shapes of water

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22/05/2020 - Natuzzi Italia announces its first collaboration with Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc presenting Deep, a whole collection designed for the living and dining areas: sofas, armchairs, ottoman/magazine rack, bookshelf, table and chairs as well as accessories like lamps, mirrors and rugs.
The Deep collection is inspired by the beauty of the Adriatic Sea which reaches all the way down from Slovenia to the very tip of Puglia, the region where Natuzzi was founded in 1959 and which is still an essential part of the company’s identity. The fluid shapes of the water can be seen in the endless curves and circles which are transformed eclectically, flowing throughout every object in the collection.
The result is a timelessly elegant set of products, which incorporates a retro edge reinterpreted in a contemporary and cosmopolitan tone. The collection breaks free of the past in terms of taste and refinement.
Designed and made with utmost attention and energy of love, the collection is here to embrace you and protect you, to help you stop for a little, to become your true home. Beneath the waves there is always an ocean of peace', explains Nika Zupanc. 'Therefore, objects from the Deep collection are all balanced in their forms, timeless in the nature and meaning of the materials and endless in the possibilities for change and composition'.
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The cocooning Wave sofa is among the main pieces in the collection, thanks to its shapes resembling the movement of the sea waves and the enveloping curves of the backrest and cushions creating an inviting, intimate space. Available as a two-seater, a three-seater and an armchair, Wave is refined and elegant, thanks to its raised base and the matte metal legs in light gold to increase its vintage charm; the same finishing is used for the metal profile running underneath the seating to highlight its shape. In addition, the ottoman made of two half-moon elements that can be joined together with an elegant, central, light gold metal magazine rack accessory.
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The same enveloping shapes can be found in the modular upholstered system Deep, with seats and features of various shapes and depth which can be configured in different compositions. Its ground base and wide seating arrangement make it the perfect sofa to relax on.
Both lines stand out for their upholstery which ensures maximum durability and comfort, both in the textile and leather covered versions.
The iconic, sensual Adore armchair really highlights the style of the collection, thanks to its molded seat and its tall, voluptuous back. The armchair is supported by a swiveling, techno-glam matte light gold metal single leg.
The living area is enhanced with the curvy lines of the modular, powder varnished light gold metal Tide bookcase: the shelves echo the wavy movement of the tides and create an ideal flowing motion around the room. The modules, available in two sizes, allow endless compositions.
Deep also showcases its refined lines in dining area with the curvy, sculpture Voyage table which comes either as oval or round and in coffee table size, characterized by metal-covered monolithic pedestals in light gold matte metal combined with Stardust - Terrazzo Stone tops, an exclusive mix of precious marbles. The accompanying single legged swiveling armchairs resonate the distinctive features of the set with their shapes and materials.
Finally, the accessories which complete the brand's total living vision. The Joy lamps – which come in the floor, table or hanging model – are made from iridescent painted blown glass, decorated with metallic gold and shine typically soft light akin to an evening by the sea into domestic spaces.
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The bronze, oval Mermaid and Sailor mirrors bring out the glamorous side of the collection, also thanks to their “scales” and diagonal decorations. And finally, the Vortex rugs, which blur the lines between interior decoration and art with their optical graphics and the mix of gold and platinum colours.
The inspiration behind Deep is the concept The Circle of Harmony, the thread linking all the new products of the 2020 collection: the circle is the epitome of Harmony, it symbolizes the quest for equilibrium and perfection. But for Natuzzi the circle is also a place to gather and celebrate beauty, an ideal and inclusive space, a space where different interpretation of the brand’s soul can interact. The worldwide preview of The Circle of Harmony collection will be in Shanghai in June, in the Natuzzi Italia flagship stores.
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