Nikari: Back to the Roots

New products @ Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

07/02/2020 - Nikari, or go back to the roots of Finnish craftsmanship. 

"We have always respected our heritage and generations before and after us . We honour the nature around us and minimise the amount of waste generated in our processes. We believe that a thoughtful and honest way of working should be the future of business as well. This year we will bring out some new products following the footsteps of the Nikari heritage, as well as rare specialities that have been designed and manufactured decades ago," say from Nikari.
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At Stockholm Furniture Fair they launched a new STORIA stool by the founder of Nikari, master cabinet maker Kari Virtanen. It is inspired by a simple stool that he designed and manufactured over 50 years ago. For Nikari, it has always been important to create objects that last time both structurally and aesthetically. The stool is designed for both contract environment and domestic use with durable joints, comfortable seat and three different heights: 400mm, 650mm and 750mm. 

Storia stool is made of ash or oak, and the sur face treatment material is wood oil mix. Its Nordic craftsmanship soul can be spotted in the delicate joinery details, where Kari Virtanen is a true master.
Nikari: Back to the Roots 3

Sneak peek for Stockholm Furniture Fair visitors only: Nikari also presents a brand new meeting/dining table BASIC by Jenni Roininen. BASIC is a solid wooden table with either round or rectangular ends.

Other products at the stand include products from Jasper Morrison & Wataru Kumano, Alfredo Häberli, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Kaksikko, Harri Koskinen, Nao Tamura and Alvar Aalto.

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