Noemi Saga's People-to-Product Connections @ ICFF

Presenting the Pedrita lamp and Moon rug

14/05/2019 - Noemi Saga Atelier will present its latest products at ICFF in New York. The Pedrita lamp and Moon rug are two evocative pieces that recall astral environments and other dimensions with their patterned surfaces and sensorial textures. While the natural inspiration for Pedrita is reflected in the use of natural materials for its productio, the Moon Rug’s other-worldly aesthetic is given by its inspiration in man-made materials and kinetic art.

Pedrita Pedrita lamp seriesʼ concept is based on experimentations using Brazilian marbles – quartzites and quartz crystals, which are natural, semiprecious and exotic stones found in Brazil.

Noemi Saga Atelier worked with a minimalist perspective, using straight lines and simple shapes to highlight the materialsʼ natural properties. Their colors, vein patterns and translucency resemble green forest landscapes, greenish archipelagos, paths shaped by volcanic golden lava, running rivers or glacier and icebergs. Pedrita means ‘valuable stoneʼ and translates the design studio’s desire to honor an alliance between national natural resources and Brazilian design.

Moon Rug Moon is a geometric shaped rug inspired by concrete and kinetic art movements. The ludic design explores the full and the empty and the use in the horizontal or vertical position that provides the interactivity creating several possibilities of use.

Noemi Saga Atelier @ ICFF
May 19-22
Booth 2509

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