Nox. Nocturnal Spirit

Alfredo Häberli for Astep at Euroluce 2017

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Nox. Nocturnal Spirit
16/07/2017 - Nox is a softly beautiful portable luminaire that embodies the playful and innovative energy of its designer, the Swiss Argentinian product designer Alfredo Häberli. Named after the Latin work for night, Nox encourages the user to move it around to embellish and brighten up a space both indoor and out.

Central to the design of Nox is a wireless charging system with induction technology developed by Astep that enables this sophisticated lamp to be free of any cables or plug for a clean modern aesthetic. This also makes Nox highly portable, so that it can be deployed anywhere in the home or garden.

Nox is composed of four elements: a charging base, an anodized aluminium body containing the charging system, a hand-blown opaline glass diffuser, and a simple handle.

Featuring a touch dimmer, Nox can provide ample light for reading but also a cosy soft light for a dinner party when dimmed. Ideal as a bedside lamp, Nox can be picked up and carried to any part of the home it is needed and with its lux materiality also makes the perfect centrepiece for a dining table.

Nox is Alfredo Häberli’s first lamp design for Astep. The internationally established designer is known for designs that unite tradition with innovation, thus exploring a creative landscape of crafts, interaction and evolution, vales that are central to the ethos of Astep.  Nox is assembled in Italy with high-quality recyclable materials and provides up to 8 hours of use on a single charge, making Nox the perfect nighttime companion.
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