Oak, Laurel and Ebony: Wood Invades the Spaces

Vicoustic sustainable acoustic panels with a wood-look

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Oak, Laurel and Ebony: Wood Invades the Spaces
30/07/2020 - Looking for a wood pattern for a room, office or public space? Vicoustic is paving the way for a more diversified range of realistic patterns, proving VMT's versatility in order to replicate any wood texture, with high acoustic performance. Inspired by the trend of using wood surfaces in public spaces and workspaces, the VMT line has a new Natural Woods collection, finding its roots in the wood industry in Portugal.

Portugal is known not only for the beautiful landscape, food and people, but also for one of its top industries, the wood transformation sector. In fact, Vicoustic is positioned exactly at the centre of a wood industry cluster, from where most of the premium and exclusive brands get their wood products.

Vicoustic has a privileged know-how about the wood industry and close connections to the most exclusive wood foil suppliers. For our VMT Natural Wood collection, Vicoustic's CEO picked by hand, one by one, the wood foils. After cleaned, sanded and coated with a special varnish, these wood foils went through a high-tech scanning process to create an image with over 20Gb of data per foil. The end result is so extremely accurate that even at close distance it is impossible to distinguish VMT wood panels from the original ones.

Wood patterns for Interior Design
Do you dream of incorporating the look of exquisite woods in your interior design projects? But are terrified to use real wood, and willing to find the perfect depict of oak surfaces? The solution might come by incorporating acoustic panels that can replicate the look you are willing for, with the advantage of having a high acoustic performance, a standard surface and a sustainable, low emitting, recycled and recyclable material.

In a perfect match between acoustic performance and interior design, Vicoustic is presenting the new VMT patterns based on Natural Woods. Through the use of an innovative dyeing technique, Virtual Material Technology (VMT) panels can depict a wide variety of textures and may even be custom-made, achieving a realistic look in any setting.

Oak, Laurel and Ebony
Following the photographic survey, it was possible to replicate the look of some of the most desirable woods, from traditional Oak and Laurel to the more exotic Ebony, including the characteristic veined appearance of the wood grain. The result gives you the chance to incorporate the look of exquisite woods in interior design projects, without the poor reflecting sound issues of real natural wood, guaranteeing the amazing acoustic properties of a Vicoustic solution.

The new Natural Woods VMT Collection patterns include: Almond Oak, Black Laurel, Ebony, and Oak.

VMT: Sustainable acoustic panels
These acoustic panels are made from VicPET Wool, mainly produced from recycled plastic waste (65%), resulting in an environmentally sustainable solution. This non-woven textile was fine-tuned by Vicoustic for superb acoustics in medium and high frequencies. And it is washable, resistant and easy to cut.

Perfect for Public Spaces and Workspaces, including Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools and the Residential Sector, these patterns of VMT can be found across a wide range of state-of-the-art acoustic panels and clouds such as: Flat Panel VMT, ViCloud VMT Flat, ViCloud VMT 3D, and Vixagon VMT.

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Oak, Laurel and Ebony: Wood Invades the Spaces

Oak, Laurel and Ebony: Wood Invades the Spaces

Oak, Laurel and Ebony: Wood Invades the Spaces

Oak, Laurel and Ebony: Wood Invades the Spaces

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