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The new carpet collection by Ippolito Fleitz Group

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17/09/2020 - New collection brings carpets to the centre stage in any room. With a kaleidoscope of fascinating colours and structures, OBJECT CARPET is presenting a new carpet collection Object Carpet x Ippolito Fleitz Group that offers an incomparable variety of combination options.
A new desire for textile is the guiding principle of the carpet brand’s cooperation with the Ippolito Fleitz Group, the Stuttgart-based design team that has already won over 300 awards worldwide for its atmospheric approach to the multidisciplinary design of buildings, rooms, landscapes and products. With a large team of designers, both members of the architecture duo work on solutions that are part of the whole and yet have a distinct identity. For the new OBJECT CARPET collection, the group has given carpets the central stage, where people are active, creative, communicate with one another, and can relax and feel comfortable.
The experts in spatial atmosphere sought to convey a sense of sensuality, cosiness and security in the textile floor coverings. In the early design phase, textures and colours were created, tested and combined to play with their effects. The material and colour collages featured shaggy sheepskin next to fine raw silk and course raffia, trendy nail varnish and bright Yves Klein blue. Three long years of experiments and tests in the colour laboratory led to the creation of new structures and product development, as there were a number of obstacles with respect to technical feasibility. The result is praiseworthy: a collection with eight new materials in 111 colours.
Interesting structures, sometimes finely intertwined, sometimes with concise knobs or with a dense pile, give each of the carpets a special appearance. Names like SKILL x CHILL or MOVE x GROOVE characterize the feeling, mood and atmosphere of the respective look. The colour variations, from subtle natural to surprisingly experimental, play a decisive role. Like a new outfit, their refined interplays change the carpets’ visual effects, and create the best conditions for use in different types of rooms, whether in a hotel room, a lounge, an educational institution or a prestigious office. The versatile carpets have striking effects and are easily combinable with architectural elements to shape the atmosphere of the entire building.
SKILL x CHILL is comprised of rippled loops and subtle shine, is both protective and metallic, and has a certain glamour to it. MEET x BEAT reinterprets nature with its striking texture and strong blend in a surprising new way.
MOVE x GROOVE is the chameleon of the new collection with its unexpectedly diverse and seemingly endless structures and colour schemes. Its design plays with alternating close-up and distant effects. Matt and grainy in texture, it appears best on large surfaces. FLOW x GLOW reveals its sophistication in its details, and is natural and artificial at the same time. Small coloured sparks flicker out of the regular structure in its sisal look.
DEAL x FEEL is quite expressive despite its fine loop. Intertwining matt and shiny, wool and cotton create a high-contrast blending effect, either in pastel or bright colours.
HIGHS x SIGHS conveys a sense of warm elegance and security. With its dense pile, the carpet is so invitingly soft that you will want to sit down on it and let out a relaxed sigh. CRAZE x CHASE is evocative with its unconventional, contrasting dynamics that bring old patterns to new light. Original colour combinations and business-like tones can open a vast range of spaces, even in museums. WALK x TALK, on the other hand, is a discreet and minimalistic carpet that could even be staged in parliamentary buildings as an elegant understatement.
From business glamour to chameleon optics, expressive colours to soft natural tones, the new collection from OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group reflects the joy in the variety of structures, surfaces and colours. It is “desire for carpet” as well as a desire to play with the room as a stage. All the materials are available as sheet material, acoustic tiles and RUGX fitted carpets. OBJECT CARPET Managing Director Daniel Butz states enthusiastically: “With our knees on the carpet and our head in the world, we have created a collection that is particularly suited to our customers’ requirements”.
Experience the collection: As a short film, book, visit
Carpets float and meander through the entire room, winding, forming bridges, flowing back to the ground ... This is the impressive experience of a fascinating room installation that Ippolito Fleitz Group developed for the launch of the collection at the Milan furniture fair. But as we know, the Milan Design Week was cancelled due to Corona. The collaboration tackles the situation creatively, not to mention spectacularly. The installation was quickly set up as a film set and, in collaboration with the director Monica Menez, used as an exciting space for short stories. In the film titled Escapade, the viewer encounters vacuum robots and carpet cheeseburgers on a stage made of carpets. Instead of in Milan, you now view the installation in your head - cinematically and digitally. This experience makes the structures, surfaces, colours and, above all, the impressive compatibility of the products atmospherically perceptible. Wink included.

It surely awakens so much desire for textile that you wish to stroke the pattern in the large-format viewbook or try out combination possibilities Or you can visit one of the OBJECT CARPET showrooms and experience the new products live in larger formats.

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