OMA + Deltalight

Point, line and surface. The new XY180 collection

21/03/2018 - Deltalight announced its design collaborations with the world-renowned architects OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) and international award-winning lighting designer Dean Skira to presents its XY180 collection and Punk lamps.
XY180’ is a 3-piece collection of lamps designed by OMA. The collection is the result of a fascination with point, line and surface, key characters in the discourse of architecture. The collection uses precise geometric proportions. The base elements, which include a tube light and a spot light, can be combined with a hinge to generate countless light conditions, both essential and complex.
The dimmable tube lights give ambient lighting, democratic and shared, while the spot lights, in two different outfits, provide focused lighting, isolated and hierarchal. The different versions are for both individual and shared workspaces, but can be also applied to domestic and public interior spaces.
Part of the XY180 collection, the Punk spot, was first introduced by Deltalight in 2017. Punk, an iconic subculture that emerged in the mid ‘70s, is an artistic style usually associated with music and fashion. But it still inspires. Punk details perfectly infiltrate in the world of modern architecture to express individualism and urban attitudes. Steel pins might look intimidating, but when combined with light, they become so much more refined.
The powerful punk design was presented at Light+Building as a whole new range of colours and different applications, going from suspended lamps to wall, ceiling and track lighting.


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