Onsen, Understated Elegance

The new collection by Francesco Meda and David Quincoces for GANDIABLASCO

02/07/2020 - Francesco Meda and David Quincoces are teaming up with GANDIABLASCO to design ONSEN, a collection destined to become an icon of timeless design. Young talent, innovation and the brand’s extensive background bring us a classic from the future.

ONSEN is a collection of outdoor furniture of peaceful beauty where the most linear and essential is charged with uniqueness in every gesture. A collection composed of dining club armchair, sofa, lounge chair, modular sofas and different low tables that masterfully combine such different materials as stainless steel, elastic straps, aluminium sheet and teak, to integrate them in perfect harmony.
Onsen, Understated Elegance 2

“I like to emphasize the particularities of the materials I use to put them at the service of both functionality and relaxed aesthetics. The key is always to make sure that the details are not just details”, argues Meda.

With geometric, generous and simple lines that are devoid of all pretense, the pieces by ONSEN exude freshness and sophistication and stand out for their versatility, allowing the space to be modulated in combinations that sometimes give rise to splendid retreats for relaxation and on other occasions can become a little more formal and compact.
Onsen, Understated Elegance 3

One of the distinctive aspects of the collection is that the seats and backrests rest and are raised on a succession of leather straps interlaced and fixed to a stainless steel tubular structure. The graphic and aesthetic component finds here the same weight as the technical solution.

“The idea was to generate a contrast between the fabric and the metal structure together with the geometry and transparency provided by the strips”, details Meda.
Onsen, Understated Elegance 4

This play between the lightness and warmth provided by the aluminium and the leather respectively becomes the identity of ONSEN conceived by the Milanese designer.

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