'Open to switch on, close to switch off'

The new wireless version of the iconic lamp Cuboluce

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'Open to switch on, close to switch off'
23/11/2018 - The iconic lamp Cuboluce, designed by Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi in 1972 for Cini&Nils, evolves in the new wireless version. Since it is fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can function autonomously for eight hours, Cuboluce has become wireless and can follow you anywhere to illuminate every corner of your home.

This innovation means that you can place the lamp wherever you like in the home, so that it really serves your needs, but in a way that is also well suited to contract interiors.
Cuboluce breaks out of the confines set by the power cable, undergoing a transformation that takes it from being an icon of design history to a beacon that also shows the way towards the future.
Cuboluce is available in ten finishes. The latest versions are the velvety, elegant Denim silk lacquer and Green silk lacquer finishes that add that special touch of refinement to any interior.
'Open to switch on, close to switch off'

'Open to switch on, close to switch off'

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