Opera Contemporary's New Products

A combinations of wood, marble, leather, textiles and metals

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20/10/2020 - Under the accomplished artistic direction of Bestetti Associati, Opera Contemporary presents a family of products characterized by sophisticated combinations of wood - as the predominant material - and marble, leather, textiles, metals, and hide.
Opera Contemporary's  New Products 2

Among the new products, Taylor draws the attention. It is the first free standing bookcase among the collections of Opera Contemporary, a vertical storage unit, and also an elegant showcase that contains and displays those objects - books, memories, traces of life and travels - whose visual presence enhances the living spaces. Designed by DL studio and distinguished by a metallic structure that houses shelves in wood, marble and leather, the Taylor bookcase is evocative of Opera Contemporary’s versatile style. In the Taylor product, the furnishing function is combined with the storage purpose and the original definition of space.
Opera Contemporary's  New Products 3

Alba, the new bed designed by Castello Lagravinese recalls the Sheila collection in its silhouette. A proposal for the sleeping area that emphasizes Opera Contemporary's expertise in woodworking. The double headboard, a distinctive element of the collection, is enhanced by material contrasts and guarantees a high degree of comfort. The back headboard loses its padding and reveals an elegant wooden core available in different finishes. A new detail that stems from the artisan vocation of Opera Contemporary further embellishes the product: leather cords, stretched vertically, lend dynamism and lightness to the headboard. It is the first time the brand chooses the handcrafted processing of this precious material with the aim of giving to the product a handcrafted, evocative and elegant look.
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The New Cosmo sofa, a flagship product among Opera Contemporary solutions, contributes to highlighting the brand's increasingly recognizable identity, linked to a strong craftsmanship tradition and bespoke attitude. The external structure, originally made of metal, has been replaced by solid wood characterized by a triangular section profile that lends an elegant and contemporary identity to the collection. The profiles are rigorous and enhances by gilded metal tips. The multiple combinations of finishes and fabrics available allow the customization of the seat according to the interior space in which it is included.
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The new New Brian small tables feature a brass metal frame combined with a precious marble top with rounded edges.
The design of this complement becomes linear thanks to the insertion of a metal plate on which the brand’s logo is engraved. A stylistic choice that lightens the profiles of the small tables while maintaining its exclusive contemporary charm.
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The slender profiles of the New Doris collection, which consists of a sideboard, a bar cabinet and a TV stand, combine with the linear and light metal structure of the legs. Material counterpoints mixing metal, wood and marble envelop each piece. The result is an evocative system of furnishings and complements that gives a bold identity to the spaces, creating fascinating material effects. A narrow and linear metal handle recalls in shape and appearance the metal plate set on the surface of the Brian small table, linking the two products within the same setting.
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New Victor, strong of a constantly evolving stylistic language in which contemporary geometric designs converge, tells Opera Contemporary's vocation in woodworking. A collection in which sophisticated elegance and sartorial allure concentrate, in precious object-sculptures that define every area of the home.
In its new interpretation, the uniform milling technique typical of the brand's tradition is resumed. A technique that gives life to a geometric essential design which decorates the thin doors that make each piece of furniture light and universal. Multi-directional grooves reflect the light in an iridescent way and highlight the nobility of wood.

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