Ossimoro: Marble Becomes Soft

The new antoniolupi sink designed by Calvi Brambilla

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11/03/2020 - antoniolupi presents the new project designed by Calvi Brambilla: Ossimoro, a new sink-sculpture in white marble.
OSSIMORO is the paradigm of tension: 'the inspiration for Ossimoro came when attending a 2016 exhibition by the Spanish artist who lives and works in London, Angela de la Cruz” tell the designers Calvi Brambilla.
Ossimoro: Marble Becomes Soft 2

The compression effect, wanted by the designers, was born from a clash between parallelepipeds and wanting to make matter fluid. In order to achieve this effect, a new technique was developed, the simulation of compressing a block in 3D.
With the Ossimoro project a new technique has been developed for the realization of the 'Sculpture', starting from the idea of a marble sink with the effect of a “soft marble block”, compressed; an almost surreal object. The washbasin is made of Oriental White marble. It is a graceful monolith, a freestanding totem which can be combined with a wall or floor mixer.
Ossimoro: Marble Becomes Soft 3

The Ossimoro washbasin project, designed by the architects Calvi Brambilla, has been addressed with the utmost respect and sense of responsibility towards marble, a material that has always been used in architecture and art. The designers Calvi Brambilla and antoniolupi have tried to approach this project using technological and contemporary means, but with the utmost respect for the past and for a natural resource that is available in a limited quantity. This led to enhance the qualities of the material by creating a unique object.

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