Outdoor Chairs and Tables like 'Wooden Leaves'

Ethimo presents Agave: organic shapes of the furniture in the Fifties’ style and precious materials

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Outdoor Chairs and Tables like 'Wooden Leaves'
22/08/2017 - Agave, the Ethimo outdoor collection of tables and chairs, that, in the name and lines, draws inspiration from the sinuous shapes of the leaves of the eponymous plant, overcomes the boundaries of indoor and outdoor, and suggests unprecedented interpretations to enhance the interiors.

Agave goes beyond its ‘natural setting’, the place for which it was conceived, and its concept takes on new meanings: created to be placed outdoor, the collection exalts the living environment with style and refinement. An outdoor furniture which, also at home indoors, is able to create a sophisticated and unexpected space.

An exceptional setting hosts the new look of Agave: the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento, one of the world's leading designer hotels, designed by Gio Ponti in 1962. Agave confirms the feeling of casual elegance and ‘exhibits’ its dual character through extraordinary spaces in this fascinating and unique place that celebrates luxury, art and design.
The choice of this striking location is a reference to the exclusivity of the collection. The Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento becomes a ‘stage set’ where the unique characteristics of Agave can be elevated and where the link between its design and the hotel's architecture can be emphasised.
The material remains the star of the project. The solid teak, crafted by Ethimo with exceptional artisanship and painstaking attention, together with the most innovative technology, is ‘transformed’ to form furnishings that recreate the soft movements, thin profiles and silky surface of the agave.
The almost ‘sartorial’ workmanship of wood reaches its maximum expression in the lounge armchair and in the dining chair, where the continuous effect between the seat and the backrest creates such a sinuous style that the frame seems to be made from the material itself.
With Agave, Ethimo reflects the evolution of contemporary living and interprets it in a new way of thinking about space, in a stimulating play between indoor and outdoor. Agave thus becomes the ideal collection for those who want to enrich the outdoor environment with the sophistication of interior design and to customize the indoor space in a surprising way with a new ambience.

Agave confirms itself as a sought-after, exciting project where recollections of the organic forms of furnishings from the 1950s and fine materials are in a dialogue with the architecture of the space that sees its furnishings as the real protagonists.

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