Paola Lenti: Creativity and Sustainability

Indoor and outdoor furniture made with resistant and recyclable materials

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06/07/2020 - Paola Lenti proposes a design vision where creativity interacts with the concepts of responsibility and innovation, always respecting nature, while selecting a wide range of eco-friendly materials yielding superior performances, thanks to an uninterrupted research activity. The experience built in over 20 years leads today the company to act in a more and more sustainable way, selecting only processes, which are totally free of polluting additives or potentially dangerous and using completely recyclable or recycled materials, still granting quality and endurance of its products.
After three years of research and experimentation, the company presents Twiggy, a new Paola Lenti’s signature mono-material yarn, dignifying an all-Italian industrial chain and developed to guarantee all necessary performances required to an outdoor technical material, while respecting humankind and the environment. It is recyclable, resistant to the most challenging climate conditions, it is waterproof and extremely easy to maintain.
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The processes applied to the yarn enhance its functional qualities and transform it into practical and reliable rugs, cords, braids and modern upholstery fabrics. The dozens of available hues are coordinated with those of the other fabrics and materials in the collection and convey the passion for colour, which has always been the company’s hallmark. Twiggy represents for Paola Lenti not only an important milestone on its research path but also a starting point to think of the future.
Paola Lenti, thanks to its strong and consolidated partnerships, can today totally rethink all the components of the product starting from the padding, to trace – once again first in the market of both outdoor and indoor furniture – an alternative path towards a real concept of true sustainability. The padding of all outdoor and indoor seating pieces and cushions in the collection are in fact already available in Aerelle® blue, a polyester fibre resulting from an unprecedented recycling process, EU ecolabel certified and GRS, Global Recycled Standard, independently certified and audited for traceability. Aerelle® blue is a new material stemming exclusively from recycled disposable plastic, collected before it reaches rivers and oceans, cleaned, sanitized and treated through a modern industrial process to obtain a fluff that guarantees a comfortable padding, which keeps its shape and compactness over time like the most traditional ones.
Last, the new padding of the Float series as well as of all poufs in the collection, like Berry, Otto and Play, is made of micro-spheres of expanded polyolefin. This polymer can be totally reclaimed and recycled through a consolidated process, which has a lower environmental impact than materials such as glass and aluminium that require higher temperatures and higher energy consumption to be transformed again in raw material.
This new padding exploits the potential of this polymer to offer higher structural resistance, hence a lower material waste together with a longer life of the product.

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