The New De Castelli Project Inspired by the Floors of Palazzo Litta

The precious screen in stainless steel, copper and brass by Giampiero Bodino on display at EDIT Napoli 2023

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02/10/2023 - A precious piece of furniture inspired by the floors of Palazzo Litta: on show at EDIT Napoli 2023 is the Para-Vimento project, the De Castelli metal screen designed by Giampiero Bodino. An object that integrates the designer's eclecticism and the company's unparalleled expertise, resulting in a visually captivating decorative piece, an expressive and technical synthesis of fine jewellery and precision manufacturing. Para-Vimento comprises a multitude of geometric metal modules, each shining brightly with different finishes that include stainless steel, copper and brass. These materials have undergone special treatments and oxidations as part of De Castelli's meticulous research, giving rise to a series of inlays and designs that draw inspiration from the floors of Palazzo Litta, where the work was first shown during the last Salone del Mobile. The various finishes create a dynamic interplay as they induce vibrations within the vertical planes of the four mobile elements, generating reflections that are framed by an unexpected contrasting fluorescent hue.
Para-Vimento represents a convergence of artistic heritage, exceptional craftsmanship and a creative reinterpretation of a nostalgic object. In doing so, it gives new significance to the contemporary living space, effectively defining areas within today's increasingly multifunctional open-plan environments.


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