Parigi in 220 seconds. The history of the hoses in the new Italian company video

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Parigi in 220 seconds. The history of the hoses in the new Italian company video
22/05/2013 - Over half a century of business and success told through the 'fil rouge' of a long tradition and creativity, from 1950 till today. A journey into the past that illustrates the development of the company located in Monza, showing in parallel the stages of yesterday and today's success. A modern fresco, that of Parigi Industry
A few minutes of footage, so many emotions and feelings. Parigi wants to leave a mark of its 'first 63 years' work with a highly evocative video. Then here before the eyes a parade of images and words that accompany the journey of the Company reproducing the key moments from the patented Parinox®, the first rubber hose with stainless steel braiding, suitable for connection between the water supply and all kinds of taps.

Parigi is the protagonist with big names of our country and even of the world of a universe made of strong corporate and ethical values that guarantee customers, users, workers, suppliers; a responsible use of the energy and of the semi-finished products used in the production cycle, the application of quality procedures, policies and management tools necessary to ensure the performance of all business activities.

A strong technological and business growth that have made Parigi a dynamic company, constantly open to modernity and that daily works to its primary objective: customer satisfaction! Among the many attempts of imitation, the patented Parigi system still stands today for its unique design and quality features for a long life. Parigi hoses: the original, to make your day, your life easier!


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