Parigi Industry gives an encore

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Parigi Industry gives an encore
11/07/2013 - Parigi Industry contemporarily wins the Silver Agorà Award with the national press campaign created by the agency Publitrust and the prize You Impresa of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan in the category 'best video of a national/international exhibitor at a Fiera Milano event' with the video 'A good day anyway!'

Clearness and effectiveness of the message, coordination of the communication campaign, these are some of the reasons for the 'National Silver Prize for Best Integrated Communication awarded for the second time to the agency Publitrust, Monza, by the jury of the 26th edition of the Premio Agorà, composed of representatives of the following organizations and institutions: ACPI ADICO, AssoComunicazione, ASSIRM, CDM, IAA, IED, IULM, Public Information, SPOT & WEB, TP, UNICOM, UPA.

The prize was awarded for the integrated communication of Parigi Industry which confirms to be a market leader in the sanitary and the heating field. The communication was planned using different means, from the specialized press to the events, from promotion actions to the participation in Trade Fairs and to public relations and press office activities. This activity was carried out in collaboration with the Milanese agency TAC [email protected]

Parigi Industry, already present in the web universe for some years by now, won the 'YouImpresa' award in the category Best Video of an exhibitor in a national/international event of Fiera Milano. 'YouImpresa' is the new business TV of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan in collaboration with Telecom Italy Media and is dedicated to the world of the small and medium-sized enterprises. Within a broader Web 2.0 project that facilitates communication between the company and the industry, Parigi Industry has carried out in 220 seconds, 'A good day, anyway': a few minutes of footage but so many emotions and sensations experienced in over 60 years of history and success.

From 1950 to the present days, Parigi Industry takes us through a universe made of strong and ethical corporate values, ensuring all the actors who gravitate around the company; a responsible use of energy and of the semi-finished products used in the production cycle, the application of the quality procedures, policies and the management tools necessary to ensure the development of all business activities.
A major technological and business growth that have made Parigi a dynamic, but most modern Company and forever “ahead of the game”


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