Patrick Norguet New Creative Director of Capdell

The French designer at the helm of the Valencian brand

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Patrick Norguet New Creative Director of Capdell
30/06/2020 - Capdell has hired the prestigious designer Patrick Norguet as creative director to guide the factory through its steps as it evolves towards a more versatile and contemporary catalogue without abandoning the distinguishing features of the brand such as the use of wood and the respect for tradition and craftsmanship.

Norguet, who has designed some of the Valencian firm’s most iconic pieces, arrives at Capdell with the aim of becoming involved not only in the redesign of the new catalogue but also in the formulation of a new brand image, fresher and more contemporary, which will continue to transmit the values of Capdell.

“I have not come to start a revolution, but an evolution,” explains the French designer, who insists on the need, on the one hand, to maintain the distinguishing feature of Capdell, wood, while at the same time enabling it to live in harmony with other materials and possibilities. This fusion has led to a proposal that is both interesting and contemporary, thanks to a firm commitment to genuine and timeless designs that will enable the pieces to remain up-to-date and relevant in ten years’ time.

In this respect, the contribution of Patrick Norguet is becoming visible in specific changes, from the reformulation of the firm’s upholstery catalogue to the incorporation of new materials and product categories.

Convinced of the potential of Capdell, by joining the company Patrick Norguet seeks, precisely, to take the company to a new scenario with a catalogue more focused on the needs of the end customer and with products intended for contract environments as well as for the home and office.

“People know Capdell and they identify it with wood because it forms part of our DNA. The company has already started to introduce new materials such as metals, textile upholsteries… And now we have to write a new story, in collaboration with the whole team,” the French designer emphasises.

Francisco García, CEO of Capdell, explains the signing up of the French designer: “We have decided to put our faith in Patrick during this new stage, not only for his professional track record, but also because he has a very good understanding of the essence of the brand.”
For Patrick, as for Capdell, the industrial process is very important. He not only designs but, being an engineer, he likes to be very attentive during the production stage to find the best technical solution. “We are approaching a new era, full of great challenges,” he points out.
The collaboration between Patrick Norguet and Capdell goes back three years and their work together has resulted in the creation by the brand of two collections: the Insula sofa and the wooden Nix chair.

Capdell has evolved a great deal since it was founded over 50 years ago and it is now time to take a new step forward, this time led by one of the most renowned designers on the scene today. Norguet will bring his view of design to the future strategy of the company and he will coordinate this view with the external designers with whom Capdell collaborates for the creation of its new collections.

The appointment of the brand’s new creative director reflects the commitment to design which is intrinsic to Capdell, one of the first companies to promote the Valencia World Design Capital 2022 project.

With Norguet, Capdell will unveil new products, to complete its catalogue by opening up to new product categories that cover the needs of the market and are aligned with current trends.

Capdell on Archiproducts.comPatrick Norguet New Creative Director of Capdell

Patrick Norguet New Creative Director of Capdell

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